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Get your first baby books today! We offer timeless baby books such as Good Night, I Love You, Sweet child of Mine, and Ten Tiny Toes. Each of these child baby books is perfect reading material for new parents to bond with their newborn.

Good Night I Love You

Good Night, I Love You by bestselling author and illustrator Caroline Jayne Church, is one of the best parenting baby books because it acts out the events before going to bed. It will fit in seamlessly as part of your nightly reading rotation as mom and dad read out brushing your teeth and getting changed in a creative rhyming pattern. Reading before bed is good for sleep because as your baby falls slumber to the sweet sound of mommy’s voice, the interactive experience though seeing, pointing, touching, and asking questions are invaluable learning moments.

Sweet Child of Mine

Sweet Child of Mine is a baby reading book themed around love. Caroline Jayne Church, best selling author and illustrator creates this family picture book for toddlers teaching the importance of a parent’s love for their child. Church’s rhyming scheme helps encourage baby’s cognitive skills. The language is simple and enjoyable but understandable and effective. The physical book itself is padded so it is made of comfortable material to hold either by parents or even suitable by their little one. This bedtime story is not too long but not too short either for a baby.

Ten Tiny Toes

Ten Tiny Toes is one of the best bedtime stories for babies. Bestselling illustrator and author, Caroline Jayne Church produced a baby book title filled with appealing rhymes and charming art. Inspired from classic baby books such as, “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes”, this new story teaches kids to be proud of who they are and celebrate beauty in every part of their body and to love themselves. Ten Tiny Toes gets babies and toddlers alike to particulate in an interactive learning experience.  Looking at the pictures and hearing the text read by my mom and dad, then touching the corresponding body part is a great way to keep kids engaged, encourage reading as fun, while also making this a teachable moment.