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Deliver your best wishes with fashionable flair and a wonderful assortment of gourmet treats sure to please any crowd. You’ll make an impression with this elegant gift basket and upscale chocolates, sweets, and other treats carefully sourced from domestic and imported manufacturers.

CHOCOLATE BARK BAR – Chocolate candy made the old fashioned way according to an old family recipe. Ma’s Kitchen creates this traditional candy bark with sweet butter crunch, nuts, and chocolate. A delicious treat made with the finest ingredients.

OLD FASHIONED HARD CANDIES – A delightful pop of natural flavour for the perfect break anytime, anywhere. Hard candies made with care according to a traditional recipe. Contains no corn syrup.

CHOCOLATE COVERED COOKIES – Rich, melt in your mouth butter cookies with a luscious milk chocolate coating. The coating is formed into a stamp, making them an elegant addition to any cookie tray. Made from fine ingredients and imported from Europe.

CHOCOLATE COATED PRETZELS – A decadent combination of sweet and savoury snack favourites. Creamy milk chocolate coats salty, crispy pretzels for an addictive treat. Made for sharing with family, friends, or co-workers.

CHOCOLATE NUT BAR – A thick, luscious Swiss milk chocolate bar with big, chunky hazelnuts. The superior quality whole hazelnuts are first caramelized, and then added to the chocolate. A substantial chocolate bar made in the tradition of fine European chocolatiers.

CHOCOLATE COVERED ALMONDS – Wholesome, healthy almonds with a sweet chocolate coating. Fine quality whole nuts are roasted, adding a crunchy finish to the chocolate. Made for passing around at office parties, or any gathering of family and friends.

CARAMEL CORN CLUSTERS – An upscale treat that embellishes elevates everyday candy corn into a gourmet delicacy. It starts with high quality popping corn, smothered in caramel coating. Add drizzles of fine chocolate and it’s sure to be a favourite.

ITALIAN WAFER COOKIES – Fine European wafer cookies with a satisfying crispy finish, flavoured with lush white chocolate. Then, they are rolled and filled with white chocolate cream. Made with all natural ingredients for superb taste.

Your gift basket will arrive wrapped in cellophane and decorated with a handmade satin bow, and qualifies for FREE delivery the same day or the next day to addresses in Toronto, Mississauga, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Scarborough, and within 2-3 days anywhere in Ontario.

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