To make it even more special, why not customize your own wine gift basket? There are so many things you can add to make your present look amazing. Let us give you some pointers as to what to add to your baskets. 

What better gift to send to someones wedding anniversary than top quality champagne? One on the most popular anniversary gift is our Champagne Bucket Gift. Not only is there a bottle of Moet & Chandon French Champagne, A bar of premium quality Lindt chocolate and delicious French truffles, but it comes with a metal bucket that fully brings out the elegant vibe. To make it look even more exquisite than it already is, why not add a box of shortbread cookies. 

Birthdays are supposed to be full of surprises and festivity. A highly recommended drink to add would be Prosecco. This Italian sparkling champagne is light, fizzy and bubbly, the ideal drink for parties and celebrations. Add some crackers, cheese, Godiva chocolates or gummies. Make it fun and interesting. You could also think about including a plush to add cuteness to your gift. If you don't want the typical woven baskets, we also got elegant gift bags and natural wooden boxes. 
Add gourmet snacks to make the ultimate combinations. Snacks that tastes absolutely delicious with champagne include milk chocolates and brie cheese. 

If you are looking for wines, but you aren't familiar with the types of wines, let us help you decide on the best one for you. Cabernet red wines are a popular choice for occasions such as sympathies, anniversaries, birthdays or thank yous. We've got a delicious bottle that was made from Chile. For more premium cabernets, we've also got Beringer and Robert Mondavi. These are 2 great brands that wine lovers will surely enjoy. 
We also have Chardonnay white wines if you prefer some more light and fruity. Chardonnays pair up perfectly with fancy steak or seafood dinner. This drink will bring out the full experience and flavor. We also have the Robert Mondavi label if you want something with higher class. 
Your custom wine gift baskets will look amazing.