Gift Baskets For Teachers

Show your thanks with our Gift Baskets for teachers! Show your appreciation as they spend the most time with your kids, nurturing and guiding them. With snacks to keep by their desk or in the staff lounge, our gift baskets for teachers are great for school settings. 

Teachers are there for your kids when you can't be, so say thank you this school year. Before classes end and holiday break begins, send a teacher a token of appreciation for their care and patience. Whether they teach nursing of 12th grade physics, educating students and nurturing their academic, personal, mental, and physical growth is no small feat. Not everybody was meant to teach, but everybody is meant to be taught, which is why their job is arguably the most important. Not only do they teach your kids how dot their i's and cross their t's, but also more abstract concepts, like problem solving, ethical decisions, and personal philosophy. Not only are they are academic mentors, but also of life. They help children navigate right vs. wrong, how to develop and use their creative side, and give them the proper discipline for academic success. 

Teachers come in all shapes in sizes, and aren't bound to just the classroom. Parents, siblings, camp counselors, instructors, coaches, etc. are all teachers that offer different life lessons. Young minds absorb information and influence like sponges. This is why the people they look up to and admire are also a teacher. Even their tennis instructor or arts after school buddy can have a profound effect on your child as a role model. 

Find Gifts For My Teacher

When you're looking to give your teacher the ultimate thank you present for their birthday, before summer break, or during graduation, it's important to maintain a sense of sentimentality with practicality. You've spent all year with them, so you know what some of their hobbies and interests are. Maybe they have a favourite TV show or sport. Or they might have a certain snack they eat everyday. Regardless of what it is, give them something you know they like. 

Best Gifts For End Of School Year

School's out for the summer, which actually means it's gifting. With so many teachers to thank, it can get a little overwhelming. One for the principal, French teacher, science teacher, English teacher etc., you need to check off every class. Order in bulk to save time. We have gift baskets suitable for any budget, don't forget about thanking the main office either!

Do You Remember Your Lovely Teacher

Have you ever had a teacher that has left a profound mark on you? Teachers act as a second set of parents during the day, and a good teach not only educates, but also nourishes. Everybody has that one teacher that has greatly effected their lives that they still think about, even years after post-grad. Now it's your child's turn to understand the importance of this imprint. Send your or your child's favourite teacher a thank you gift basket specially-curated just for them. Add a bottle of wine for them to relax to, their favourite indulgent treats, or a spa gift basket for some well deserved R&R.