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It's finally camping season! You know what that means? Time to send the kids off to a few fun-filled weeks of outdoor activities. They've been looking forward to this all year: to reunite with old friends, to make new ones, to spend all day in nature, and to learn new skills. You're kids will come back home with wrists full of DIY friendship bracelets and endless stories they'll be cherishing for years. Don't worry though, they're sure to get a little home sick. That's why we suggest sending a gift basket filled with their favourites straight to their campsite! 

Whether they go to adventure camp, art camp, sports camp, science camp, or summer school, they'll be sure to be making new friends and discovering new skills. Sure it's nice to have the kids away from home for a bit, but you know you're going to miss them. Send them a hand written card of gift package filled with their favourite snacks. Be sure to always send extra for them to share with friends or inside their cabin. As kids, candy is a form of currency, especially when playing up for grabs and down for keeps! 

Not only will they come back with a tan, but also with new physical and mental skills. They can play tennis, tie different knots, kayak, horse-back ride, cook, and sail - not to mention solve an intense riddle or two.

If you thought camp looked like fun in The Parent Trap, it's a hundred times more fun in real life. From the camp food to the bonfire songs, your child will never be bored. Instead of spending all summer cooped up inside, playing video games or scrolling the computer, let your child explore the wonders of nature and all camping has to offer - they will truly grow as a person. 

Camp is the best place that pushes kids to try new things, face their fears, and leave their comfort zone. Camp is a safe space that is a place of comfort while also offering a great support group to get kids out of their familiar. It's important to be exposed to a place that allows building character and fostering independence within a group of people with the same interests but differing perspectives. Not only do kids learn about other people, but they also learn about themselves.

At the crucial developmental and influential ages from 8-18, your kid will find a camp as their summer haven, and reward. After a long year of homework, busy schedules, stress extra-curricular activities, etc., kids can go to a place of vacation while also building vital relationships with friends and themselves. While they're away, send them a thoughtful gift basket to replenish them on essentials and goodies. 

Best Items To Put In Kids Camp Care Packages

Mosquito repellent, after sun, and toothpaste are all vital restocks, but don't forget the Oreo's and KitKat! Send them they're favourite candies and chocolate, along with healthy snack options to keep them going. We offer gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO organic snacks that also taste like their favourite junk food in our gourmet and healthy gift basket options! 

Most Popular Summer Camps Around Toronto 

 Onondaga Camp is fun, safe, and abundant with activities! The sleepover camp is an active, jubilant space in the heart of nature. Kids will have a wholesome experience, where not a single day is boring. Their imaginations and memories will be filled with great summer time fun. 

Gift Baskets For Kids

Our best-selling Popular Chocolates Gift Basket are every kids favourite. Filled with the most popular candies, sweets, and snacks, they'll surely be passing these treats around the campfire. They can make DIY smores or amp up some trail mix! We offer free shipping on all orders of $100 or more across Canada.