Preserved Eternal Roses

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Preserved eternal roses are luxury flower gifts for her or him, perfect for any special occasion. Preserve memories in such a meaningful way - send infinity roses! The best preserved roses and eternal roses are found right here at Simontea. 

Are those roses real?

Preserves eternity roses are 100% real! Our infinity flowers are made from completely real fresh roses. Don't let their preservation process fool you - these blooms are entirely real, and they have their fresh aroma and beautiful appearance to prove this. 

Say goodbye to catering to flowers like you typically do - these magical everlasting preserved forever roses maintain their gorgeous beauty without the need for water or sunlight. Luxury forever roses are real flowers, just without the extra care! 

Eternal roses will last one year!

Unlike dried flowers that may only last a few months, forever preserved roses can last 1 to 3 years. As dried roses are simply dehydrated, they become brittle and broken very easily and quickly.

But, everlasting roses have the ability to maintain their beauty for so much longer! Here at Simontea gifts, we offer luxury forever roses that can be enjoyed for 1 to 3 years. Keep them in a vase, on a shelf, or in a sealed environment. The best anniversary gifts and amazing wedding presents include these keepsakes that help preserve precious memories and moments. 

You want to do yourself?

Only the best roses Canada have been selected to create and preserve eternal roses. To maintain infinity roses, these flowers have been chosen and trimmed at their most ideal state. 

With a process that takes several days, and with a unique solution, the steps involved include trimming the roses, soaking them in a formula to extract their natural pigment, and re-infusing them to enhance their gorgeous shade. Every rose is then dehydrated but enriched with natural oils, as well as a non-toxic and non-allergic formula, similar to silica. 

These steps create magnificent preserved blooms that will maintain their beauty for up to 3 years - they are such a magical gift to give for any special occasion.