Wine Sympathy Gift Baskets

This wine gift basket include:

Bottle of red wine ( good quality Cabernet or Cabernet Merlot )

Beautiful reusable black basket

Davids wine lovers chocolate

Saxon dark chocolate bar

Baron chocolate truffles

French truffles

Chocolate covered coffee beans

Red Wine is included in this exquisite sympathy wine gift basket, an offering of comfort to someone close to you in a time of stress. Designed in a palette of darker tones that befit an occasion of sympathy or bereavement, the basket achieves an elegance that conveys your sense of respect for the bereaved. A rich red Cabernet or Merlot accompanied by a careful selection of complementary gourmet treats – including chocolates crafted with a recipe specifically designed to be enjoyed with wine – are small pleasures that you can give to family and friends when they need your support the most. During times of trouble, those who need our sympathy often put their own needs last while tending to other pressing matters. The gift basket collection will bring precious and much needed moments of luxury to their lives in the midst of difficult times, and what better gift could you give?

 Perfectly packaged in style, this gift basket will arrive wrapped in cellophane with hand tied satin bow.

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