January 01, 2022

Send champagne gifts to the people you care for as they celebrate special occasions. Are you wondering when the best time to send thoughtful gifts of champagne to coworkers, friends and family members is? This blog discusses the best occasions to send champagne gifts to everyone. 

What Do You Put In A Champagne Gift Basket?

From delicious Swiss chocolates from Godiva or Lindor to beautiful bouquets of red roses, there are so many great items you can add to champagne gift baskets. If you want to surprise that special someone with a romantic champagne gift box, flowers and chocolate are a perfect choice. If you’re sending a corporate gift, consider a gourmet selection of snacks and treats.

Champagne Gift Box

One of the best and most classics reasons for sending a champagne gift box to the people you know is during times of celebration. Toasting to success with a bubbling glass of champagne is is what this delicious sparkling wine was made for. 

We all have different causes for celebrations throughout our lives and the reasons people have to rejoice are the very same reasons you should be surprising them with luxury champagne delivery. 


Whether they’re your good friends, a member of your family or a colleague from work, sending a champagne gift basket to cheer on their new engagement is a gesture that will always be appreciated. Everyone is excited and giddy at the prospect of weddings and marriage and there’s no better time to raise a glass in toast. 


Anyone in the business world will tell you the importance of networking. Fostering and maintaining key business connections is the best way to get ahead. If a close contact of yours has just received an exciting new promotion, sending them a celebratory champagne gift set is a great way to congratulate them with a sincere gesture and keep yourself fresh in their mind. 

Christmas and Holidays  

Send an extravagant luxury champagne gift set during the holiday season. Christmas and other winter holidays are a time where everyone is united and celebrating for essentially the same reasons. Whichever holiday they partake in is certainly a time of celebrating with friends and family members, and there’s never a better reason to uncork an incredible bottle of champagne. If you’re uncertain about their winter holiday plans, then consider a New Years Champagne gift basket. 

Send Champagne As A Gift Canada

For champagne delivery throughout Canada, Simontea has an incredible selection of champagne gifts for every occasion. Whether you’re looking for champagne and chocolate gifts or romantic gifts of sparkling wine and flowers, our reliable gift basket delivery will have your elegant gift arriving at their door in no time at all.