Edmonton Gift Baskets

Ordering a gift basket online is a fast and convenient way of getting your gift shopping done! Skip the long line-ups of retail and save time commuting to and browsing the mall for the perfect gift. Although Edmonton has the largest, most exciting mall in the world, running errands may still feel like a chore. Order hand-packaged and professionally curated gifts for all of life's celebrations to surprise friends and loved ones. Our selection ranges from gourmet, baby, get well, sympathy, liquor, housewarming gift baskets, and so much more.

Regardless of the event or budget, you will find something catered exactly to your needs in a matter of minutes. If you want to thank a new client for choosing your services, show him your appreciation with our elegant corporate gift ideas or congratulate a coworker on signing a new deal! If you have a friend who just had a new baby, welcome them with beautiful premium cotton baby clothing and accessories, along with safe and clean toys they can enjoy during their early years. You can even add a bottle of wine for mom and dad to cheers to! At MyBaskets, we believe you don't need an excuse to treat someone.

Get someone the gift of surprise delivered straight to their front door or office for the to enjoy. Everyday will feel like Christmas when they see our beautifully wrapped gift options made especially for them. During the holidays, made a bulk order to for all your Christmas parties and Hanukkah traditions to turn a long process into a single blink of an eye! If you're based in Edmonton, get a gift basket delivered to Toronto with same-day shipping by placing your order before 11AM EST.

Celebrate Mother's Day and Father's Day everyday with our deliciously gourmet gift baskets that are filled with an array of snacks everyone will love. Add luxe wine, bubbly champagne, and refreshing beer to accompany the sweet treats inside. Got a friend that been run down the flu or is stuck in a hospital bed. Our Get Well Gift Basket ideas are specifically made to immediately brighten their day. The recovery process may get long and boring, and if you can't be there to entertain them, send them a care package that will do it for you!

Life is stressful enough, so make it easier whenever you can with our fast and reliable gifting service! We sourced the most mouth-watering snacks from around\ the world, along with the top-rated baby products to guarantee the recipient will
not only appreciate, but truly enjoy your gift. With so many important things to do in an always-busy schedule, it's easier to prioritize when you don't have to waste time on the menial things.

Facts About Edmonton

1. Regardless of their cold winters, Edmonton has the sunniest days throughout all of Canada! With about 2300 hours of annual sunshine, Edmontonians can get their daily dose of Vitamin D straight from the source!
2. With these sunny days, it's no surprise that Edmonton hosts over 30 festivals a year, giving them the title of "Festival City" - not to mention while also offering scenic and breathtaking venues.
3. Home to The West Edmonton Mall, the 5th largest mall in the world, that was once at #1. The size of about 48 city blocks houses a bungee tower, hotel, water-park, roller-coaster, NHL-sized hockey rink, and so much more. This isn't your
ordinary shopping mall filled with boring food courts and the same clothing store chains. Go on an adventure and try something you haven't before all while looking for a new outfit!
4. Not only do they have a gigantic mall, but they also have the largest living history museum...and highest streetcar bridge in the world! Ride it for just $5.
5. Most importantly, Michael F. Fox is from Edmonton! The Family Ties star's father was a police offer and member of the Canadian Forces. You may know him as Marty McFly, but Edmonton knows him as one of their very own.

Edmonton offers the best of both worlds of urban and rural life. With the most scenic surrounding the city, visitors and locals always have their jaws on the floor. The farming and agricultural life of Alberta is unparalleled and truly Canadian. Not only this, but the folk are some of the nicest and most hospitable people you will come across.

We offer free shipping on all orders of $100 or more, with same-day delivery on all Toronto orders made before 11AM. Fast next-day delivery options available for the rest of Canada.