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The only thing we want a piece of is a fresh-out-the-oven cake! With our cake and chocolate delivery service, we'll sweeten up any of your parties or events. Send someone layers of surprise with our deliciously moist cake flavours. Someone's birthday coming up? Send them candles to make a wish on with our best birthday cake delivery options, whether it be same day in Toronto or a few days before for across Canada. Cakes have been there for all special moments and big celebrations, so why not make any day special and worth celebrating. Send your boyfriend or your mom their favourite just because! Nothing would make their day better. The decadent layers of icing and batter are a comforting treat suitable for anything. The beauty of baking cakes is the inherent ability to experiment with flavour. Make a simple batter recipe and infuse with vanilla extract, lemon juice, chocolate powder, food coloring, herbs and spices, etc. to create your own secret recipe. Call up grandma and ask her how she makes her so fluffy. Or head to our website to view our online cake home delivery service. Cakes are the easiest dessert to bake, all you need is sugar, butter, flour, eggs, milk, and baking powder. With this blank canvas you can go in with the fix ins! Chocolate chips, lemon and poppyseed, blueberries, almond extract, orange zest, raspberries, cream cheese, coconut, cinnamon, you name it! Our cakes online Canada makes picking easy.

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Our cake delivery Toronto makes sending a sweet surprise easy as pie! Don't know what to get for your event, we can help you out.

Birthday: Our birthday cake delivery services has whipped up the best ideas. Order birthday cakes online before 11 am for same day delivery options. Nothing says birthday like vanilla sprinkle! We love this multilayered confection so much, we pretend everyday is our birthday. Our Canada birthday cake ideas has something for everyone to enjoy at any age!

Baby Shower: DIY your baby shower cake order online through our cake delivery service. Staying on theme with pastel colours, baby toys, and mama options, the mom-to-be deserves only the yummiest.

Wedding: From grand and luxurious to simple and minimalistic, the bride and groom's wedding cake all boils down to personality. From the flavour to the fondant, no two wedding cakes are ever the same. From the fondant to the icing, wedding cake shopping is just as important as the dress.

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There is no such thing as a bad cake, just the wrong one. The art of cake-making is found in the ability to make something suitable for everyone's flavour palette. Play with textures by adding nuts or infuse with your favourite flavours for a confectionary treat. Make coffee cake, banana-bread, angel food cake, flourless cake, etc. with the right fresh ingredients. Add the extra ingredient of love to make your cake extra sweet. Cakes don't have to overload on the sugar. For savoury options, add in grated vegetables like carrots and zucchini for the perfect snack. Infuse it with cheese like feta or goat for an ooey-gooey, creamy delight. Or go with the classic cream cheese frosting to balance out the tart and sweet tastes. Our online cake delivery service offers you a delicious dessert delivered straight to your door. Regardless of event or budget, we've got you covered with the best and yummiest treat. Get it delivered straight to a party, like a sweet 16 or 20th anniversary. Mix icing and batter flavours to create a unique concoction for a special someone. Don't be afraid to play around, the process is half the fun! Cakes come in many forms, such as cupcakes, loaves, and cake pops!

Bundt cakes, glazed icing, fruit infusions, and alcohol-flavoured are just a few types of cakes you can make yourself. Scour your grandma's recipe book for a traditional butter cake or head to Pinterest for unconventional flavour pairings. Any recipe with the main ingredients of sugar, butter, and milk is guaranteed to be delicious. Play with the measurements of wet and dry ingredients to make dense or airy cakes, depending on your preference. Decorating is the fun part, right after eating it of course. The options are limitless. Add accessories, make your own colours by adding food colouring to icing and batter, create new shapes and sizes all suitable for the receiver. Invite friends over for a cake-off! Who ever makes the coolest cake wins! The texture of chiffon and oil cakes work to enhance their given flavours to create a sensorial experience for the reader. Topping warm cake with ice cream is always a fun addition.

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Our online cake and gift delivery offers fast and reliable shipping options for all your event needs. We offer online birthday cake delivery in Canada to be shipped within a few days, and same day delivery on cakes ordered before 11 am to Toronto addresses.