Condolences and Funeral Gift Baskets

What do you write in a sympathy card?

- Send you our deepest condolences, you are in our hearts.

- With our sincerest sympathies, send you our thoughts and prayers.

- We are so sorry for your loss, may their soul rest in peace.

What do you give as a sympathy gift?

Show sympathy when someone passes away with these types of condolence gifts:

Gourmet food condolence gift - Express your feelings of sympathy with both sweet and savoury products, we've sourced the best snacks from around the world to guarantee a moment of pleasure upon tasting. Spa condolence basket - When a floral arrangement or "with sympathy" card just isn't enough, send someone a moment to breathe with our relaxing spa gift ideas.

Relieve a friend by letting them know they are not alone. Embrace someone you care for in their time of need with our expertly-made sympathy gift options. We deliver sympathy gift baskets in Toronto or anywhere in Canada! We ship to Calgary, Montreal, Winnipeg, Vancouver, and any city in between.

Sympathy gift baskets are a thoughtful way to show someone that you care about them in their time of bereavement or need.

Sympathy Gift Baskets Canada

At times of trouble, we look to our friends and family to show their support. There are many ways that you can be there for them, but a gift basket sends your best wishes when they need it most. A sympathy gift basket sends a message of caring and love even when you can't be there in person. 

 When family members or friends are grieving or in bereavement, there's often not a lot anyone outside the immediate circle can do to help in practical terms. With the thoughtful gesture of a sympathy gift basket, you can add a note of indulgence to their day at a difficult time and let the individual or family know they are in your thoughts.

 Your chosen recipient will appreciate the delivery of an attractive, well presented sympathy gift basket, featuring glossy cellophane wrapping and a hand tied satin bow. It lets the bereaved know that others appreciate what they are going through in a way that won't be forgotten – a gesture that is sure to brighten their spirits in trying circumstances. In the middle of a difficult day, they will be able to indulge in a selection of luxurious treats that are made for sharing.

 The stylish and attractive reusable container is filled with carefully selected premium treats from recognized international brands. We are always looking for upscale goodies to add to our offerings, including sweets and savoury items made with the finest ingredients.

 A card lets grieving family and friends know you are thinking of them and that you care, but a sympathy gift basket adds a concrete gesture of caring and good will. Give the gift of a little indulgence and sweet thoughts – a thoughtful wish that is sure to be appreciated in times of trouble.

When a friend or family member is grieving and enduring troubled times, a beautiful gift basket filled with delicious treats adds a welcome – and unexpected – note of indulgence to their days. It will come at a time when those we care about are least likely to look after their own needs, and certainly unlikely to think about little luxuries. That's where you come in – and that's where we come in, with a selection of premium products and baskets to choose from.

 When you care looking for sympathy baskets in Canada in the Toronto area, we can provide same day or next day delivery (with some conditions that may apply,) and 2-3 day delivery to the rest of  Ontario, so that your thoughtful, caring message can be sent and received as soon as possible.