Father’s Day Gift Baskets

Simontea Gift Baskets is your destination to find only the best Father’s Day gift baskets to give to your father on his special day! Nothing says ‘Thanks Dad’ or ‘I Love You Dad’ better than giving your father an indulgent Father’s Day gift basket from Simontea Gift Baskets that is beautifully decorated to showcase all of your his favourite snacks, treats and other goodies! Father’s Day only comes once a year, yet we always manage to wait until the last minute to purchase that special guy in our lives the perfect gift, not to mention which we have absolutely no idea what that perfect gift even is most of the time. Avoid all of that stress this Father’s Day, and easily select, order and send a Father’s Day gift basket from Simontea Gift Baskets for your favourite guy! That special guy in your life has done so much for you – he’s made you laugh and smile when no one else could, he’s cooked you the best meals that absolutely satisfied your meaty cravings, and he has removed that bug in your room for you even though he’s half asleep since you’ve woken him up in the middle of the night. Since he has done so much, why not treat him to absolutely best present this year? A Father’s Day gift basket from Simontea Gift Baskets is that best present for him, and he will absolutely love it!

Send Father’s Day Gift Baskets

Make this Father’s Day the best one yet, and send Father’s Day gift baskets to those special men in your life from Simontea Gift Baskets! Do you live in Toronto, but your father is living in another city in Canada and you just can’t visit him this Father’s Day? Don’t let distance stop you from showing your gratitude and appreciation for your dad – even if you can’t be in there in person to show it, a Father’s Day gift basket from Simontea Gift Baskets will do only the best job at showing how much you love your father! For orders placed over $100, Simontea Gift Baskets offers Free Same Day Delivery in Toronto, and Free Next Day delivery in Ontario to one delivery address on business days. Take advantage of this offer, and find absolutely the best Father’s Day gift basket to send to that wonderful man in your life all for a reasonable price! For all that he’s done for you, splurge this Father’s Day and make his present be worth every penny when you see that handsome smile on his face once he sees and opens his Father’s Day gift basket, which you know will be absolutely priceless.

What Does Your Father Love?

Show your appreciation and gratitude this Father’s Day to not only your father, but to all of the special men who have made a wonderful impact in your life. Whether that amazing man may actually be your father, or maybe another family member such as a grandfather or an uncle, or maybe a friend, a teacher or even a neighbour – treat those special men in your life right, and send a Father’s Day gift basket to them from Simontea Gift Baskets! Does he love to snack on chips and nuts while he’s watching his favourite reality show? Does he have a sweet spot for cookies, chocolates and candies? Does he love to go out on nice sunny days to grill some meat on the barbecue? Does he like to drink a nice glass of wine or a cold fresh bottle of beer when he comes home from work? Does he go golfing with his buddies every weekend in the summer? No matter what his interests or favourites may be, Simontea Gift Baskets has only the finest selection of items to fill his Father’s Day gift basket with that he will completely love!