Best Luxury Baby Gift Baskets In Canada

Welcome a new born into their new world with a luxurious baby gift baskets! Filled with only premium-selected products for a high end surprise, new parents will appreciate it the most. Your elegant sentiment of well wishes will be expressed with one of our bougie baby basket ideas. We've professionally curated the softest baby clothing, rare and niche European toys, and stimulating toys to promote cognitive growth. Taking the best care of a child is boiled down to the details, so give parents the most-coveted, top-rated products on the baby market. As the first few months and years are the most influential stages for children, parents need to be equipped with the right tools to entertain and comfort their kids. Through our market research, we only use brands that are loved by both parents and their children to give exactly what families wants AND need. With brands such as Sophie the Giraffe, Kaloo, Moulin Roty, Jellycat, Silkberry, and Boo Bamboo Kids, we've incorporated fashion with functionality! 

What do you send to expecting mothers?

Give expecting mothers the finest products on the market. Skip the conventional stuffed animal and opt for one of our luxe gifts for a lasting impression. These high-quality products are exactly what they haven't received yet but really want to. Moulin Roty plushes, Sophie the Giraffe teeters, Janod toys and books, help parents help raise their baby. These chic treats will be very useful for parents to keep in their baby tool-kit. 

Best gifts for a toddler:

Shopping for kids is a surprisingly difficult task. With all the new products constantly entering the mass market, we've refined the most-loved options by parents and kids alike for your convenience. We incorporate European brands and  conscious lines for every household to enjoy. Pick presents based off the personality and needs of the family to find a luxe yet practical gift basket for kids. When shopping for a birthday gift, we've got you covered with unconventional yet timeless children's toy and books!

Luxury baby gifts in Canada

Browse our website to view our luxury gifts for baby girls and boys online. Our wide selection of professionally-curated goods give parents the right starter set. Our luxurious spin on classic products makes your gift stand out. With onesies from Silkberry organic's line, you can trust your baby's skin will love the comforting and gentle material. Our Smart Baby Education Gift for Girls and Boys feature a wooden walker as the actual basket! Filled with gorgeous onesies and other developmental toys, our most popular Baby Muskoka Chair gift baskets are loved by both the giver and the receiver! Our beautiful gender-neutral baby gift baskets are great for parent's who don't want to know the gender of their child or want to raise them without gender connotations. If you can't make it to the hospital, send a surprise instead. Or send the birthday girl or boy their very own birthday package straight to their home!