Yom Kippur Gift Baskets

On Yom Kippur, or the Day of Atonement, the Ten Days of Repentance come to an end, and the occasion is marked by a joyful feast with family and friends. Our Yom Kippur gift baskets are brimming with the finest quality goods, delightfully packaged, and come beautifully presented, so that they send a message that is appropriate for family, friends, and even business associates alike on this High Holy Day. After fasting and prayer comes the shining hope of God’s forgiveness, and sending a Yom Kippur gift basket full of high quality gourmet goods adds to making it a memorable occasion for all. The artisan-style treats are packaged for sharing, to spread a feeling of luxury and good will between those you love. What could be a better message of atonement than to turn the good will to those closest to you?

You can send one of our Kosher baskets to family or friends in advance of the feast, as a hostess gift. When the festivities are at your home, a present can come as a wonderful surprise – and a delicious addition to your sweet or snack table. We choose only the finest suppliers both domestic and international, those with a reputation for quality and great taste. They make the world’s finest and most coveted sweets, chocolates, and treats from the highest quality ingredients, so you’ll be proud to send them to those closest to you. You’ll find a selection of artisan-style delicacies, some sweet, some savoury, with an impressive packaging that includes a hand-tied satin bow. You can be sure that your message of good will, respect, and good faith will be delivered right alongside the delicious selection of treats.