Kosher Gift Basket Large

$114.00 USD

This enticing gift basket selection is full of delectable treats that are sure to help add a shine to the holiday celebrations for friends, family, clients, or colleagues. Sourced from premium domestic and international suppliers, the chocolate, candy, and other gourmet snacks, along with an elegant presentation in a classic basket, are sure to leave an impression.

This Kosher Gift Basket includes:

GODIVA CHOCOLATE – Classic Belgian chocolate oyster pieces that are made with a creamy filling of hazelnut flavour that make these chocolate pieces irresistible.

ARTISAN CRACKERS – Crispy crackers that are infused with sea salt and olive oil. Perfect accompaniment for a charcuterie board with cheeses and dips.

TRUFFLES – Smooth and rich French chocolate truffles. Made with a chocolate ganache centre filling for the delight of all chocolate lovers.

GODIVA ALMONDS – Almonds dipped in Godiva dark chocolate for the perfect sweet and salty treat.

KOSHER PEANUTS – A Kosher classic snack with toffee flavoured peanuts that are buttery and made with simple ingredients.

POTATO CHIPS – Kettle cooked potato chips made with sea salt. Locally made in Canada, these chips are the perfect for any late night snack craving.

DRIED CRANBERRIES – A healthy snack full of sweetness. These dried cranberries are full of flavour with a hint of organic apple juice.

COOKIES – Crunchy infused with salted caramel tastes for a thin, delicious delight. Perfect for a sweet snack or to share with friends at a gathering.

MILK CHOCOLATE – A milk chocolate bar that is smooth and perfect to satisfy any sweet tooth.

CHOCOLATE ALMONDS – A sophisticated treat of almonds covered in chocolate with caffe latte flavour.

SHORTBREAD COOKIES – Crunchy with a buttery and irresistible flavour. This is perfect to have as a light snack in the morning or after dinner as a treat.

DARK CHOCOLATE – 70% dark chocolate bar made with top quality ingredients to create a light and delicious treat. Made in Quebec.

BASKET – This gift comes in a beautiful woven basket that can then be repurposed and reused around the house to store items.