Flowers Show You Care
It's small gestures like these that can make the world of a difference. With flowers, the options are endless. Become your own florists by picking wild stems or going to the farmer's market. In order words, choose from one of our creations made from locally grown and imported flowers. Pick petals based off preference or personality. Let Simontea help you send someone a congratulations or an "I love you" right to their doorstep. A new graduate or mother would appreciate your colourful message and will quickly put them in their best vase to  brighten up their home. Likewise, bringing the flower shop to a loved one or friend is a kind and loving gesture when using Simontea's Toronto flower delivery. 

Types of flower arrangements to send

Life is full of many special occasions and moments to celebrate with flowers. We here at Simontea believe everyday is worth celebrating and surprises aren't just for birthdays. The beauty of flowers isn't just in their looks, they have the ability to instantly boost mood and translate your sweet sentiments without having to use words. As a result, making sure your Toronto flower delivery is accurate and fast is very important to Simontea.

Inspired by the bold outdoor sidewalk displays of European towns, our hand-picked, professionally sourced flowers are made to impress everyone. Cute cacti and sweet succulents are a great way to liven up any living space and require very minimal upkeep. Decorate your setting for a birthday party or baby shower with flower curtains and walls made from fresh and bright blooms. Create your own terrarium as a fun date idea or party activity. Any bohemian bride would like they're wedding venue surrounded by suspended flowers! Luxury and eco-consciousness go hand-in-hand when making more glamorous creations. Bedazzle the stems of bridesmaid bouquets for some dazzle when coming down the aisle! 

The meanings behind flowers

With the abundance of flora and fauna found in nature, it can be difficult deciphering each of their meanings. Similiarly, every flower is a different assortment of petals that represent different ideas, such as: 

Gerbera Daisies

Big and bold blooms with colourful petals describe happiness, beauty, and innocence.


Chrysanthemums are the flower for friendship and love. Above all, Chrysanthemums are low maintenance and a great summer option.


This is the most popular and best-selling flower across the globe. In addition, carnations come in a multitude of colours and are perfect for creating an accent in any bouquet.


As their petals looks like the sun's rays, this bright yellow flower represents warmth and adoration, perfect for someone you respect and admire. 


The most-coveted flower - and not just for Valentine's Day - historically signifies love and sensuality.


The lush petals of hydrangeas are for giving as gifts, planting in gardens, or decorating parties.

Not Sure What to Get For a Special Occasion?

Simontea breaks down the most appropriate flowers by life event:

The most common flowers for sending your condolences are Lilies, Gladioli, and Carnations. Send your sentiments with these elegant plants that are most often associated with funerals. In conclusion, as they represent purity, adoration, and remembrance, let someone know they're in your heart with these beautiful blossoms. 

The most important floral decision will be about your floral bouquet. For this, there is no one single appropriate flower. Therefore, since it's all about you, remember to get what you like for your wedding.  Stick to the colour way of your wedding scheme and create cohesive details with you and your wedding party. Be as delicate or over-the-top as your heart desires. Play around with different sized stalks and circumferences for a whimsical effect. Bohemian brides can add some  greenery with hanging plants for a cascading effect and glamorous brides can bedazzle the stems for a diamond finish.

Valentine's Day
Classic red roses are the flowers of true romance but nontraditional, colourful tulips or white roses add a personal touch. You know you're loved one best, so go by their preference. Break away from traditional red and pink colours this Valentine's. Simontea can help customize a bouquet with your favourite blooms and she will be sure to love them! Once ready, hand deliver the final product with Toronto flower delivery.

Birthday Party
Get someone special their exact favourite flowers on their big day! Stick with sunflowers or yellow roses as your best bet! Simontea is here to help make a statement without trying too hard with these extravagant blossoms to show your care and appreciation. Fast and accurate Toronto flower delivery will ensure it arrives at the perfect time. 

Get Well
Send someone feeling blue or under the weather get well soon flowers. Deliver a bold bouquet to the hospital or right to their front door. Above all, vibrant and exotic flowers, like orchids and hyacinths, can really brighten someone’s mood. If someone is sick or stressed, receiving a handmade arrangement of fresh flowers is the perfect pick-me-up to help them recover. Adding beautiful and bright colours to your surroundings are a proven easy way to help boost someone's mood. Simontea is here to help with your next Toronto flower delivery.