Gift Baskets Montreal

Our gift baskets Montreal are made and delivered for your convenience. In pursuit of gift baskets Canada? Our hand-made, artisan baskets are filled with gourmet gifts and special occasion items meant to please anyone and maintain any budget.

Receiving a surprise through the mail is always delightful, and doesn't require a specific reason. We also deliver to offices and hospitals to brighten anybody's day. With our curated gift ideas, all you have to do is scroll and click to guarantee your friend, coworker, or family member receives and memorable and high-quality present.

Sending Gift Baskets To Montreal 

Gifting someone something special shouldn't require or rely on a special event or occasion. Life is too short to not let the people you care about know that you care about them. Whether it's a random Wednesday afternoon or someone's birthday, pick something you know they would like to receive from our wide variety of options. Whether your best friend is a foodie, or new client loves to golf, we've got you covered. If you need a last minute gift for bridal or baby showers, skip the long mall lines and under-stocked store shelves. View our website, add to bag, and check out all in a matter of minutes. If you can't make it out to your mom's birthday this year, or can't be there on Valentine's Day, still celebrate with a luxurious, hand-wrapped surprise.

Types of Gift Baskets 

Baby Gifts - We make our baby gift baskets suitable for a range of ages and different genders. Get girl, boy, and gender-neutral gift ideas that fit a variety of budgets to send to newborns! New parents will appreciate the thought, as well as the useful goodies. 

Gourmet Gift Baskets - We've curated the best snacks from all over the world for everyone's enjoyment. From fine cheese, to indulgent truffles, to salty snacks, every flavour palette will be satisfied. 

Wine Gifts - Know someone who likes to unwind with a premium glass of wine? Gift them a whole bottle (or 2!), along with the perfect pairing of snacks and fresh fruit for them to come home to. 

Birthday Gift Baskets - Say happy birthday the best way we know how, with balloons and candy! Our Popular Chocolates gift basket is suitable for any age bash and is filled with all the classics. 

Holiday Gifts - Make holiday shopping less of a chore with our time-saving online shopping. We've compiled options suitable for any receiver any price-point so you don't have to over spend your time or money. 

Corporate Gifts - Send a coworker or client a congratulatory or thank you gift to make them feel extra special. Whether they have been working hard or are starting a new project together, welcome them with open arms and luxurious gift basket. 

Baby Gift Baskets Montreal 

Place an order for your baby gift basket Montreal and have us deliver the joy that is only right for the celebration of a newborn baby. The miracle of new life is nothing to take for granted. Every time a new baby is born is a chance to be happy and overjoyed with emotion about the newest little guy or girl entering into this world. From any one of our many popular baby gift baskets comes comfortable clothes, baby soft blankets, stuffed animal plush dolls, skin sensitive lotions, interactive storybooks, and much more!

Christmas Baskets Montreal 

Hear the bells ringing and see the snow falling. Its that time of year again to bless someone with a Christmas basket Montreal. Whether you're bundled up by the fire, or eating Christmas dinner with friends or friends, food brings people together. The following food items: silky smooth milk chocolate, gourmet potato chips, rich dark chocolate, light crackers, cheddar biscuits, mini pretzels, red wine, shortbread cookies, velvety coffee, and so much more is everything any lucky guy or girl needs to be satisfied this Christmas season.

Sympathy Baskets Montreal  

It's never easy to cope with loss. Our sympathy baskets Montreal help comfort and care to those saddened, grieving or hurting in any way. We have a number of gift baskets with assorted fruit, wine, chocolate, and other items curated to cheer the recipient up if possible or as a gesture to show that you are not alone. 

Birthday Baskets Montreal

Another 365 days have gone by and its time to send a birthday basket Montreal to a co-worker, friend or family member. Birthday's are time to give back and show your appreciation for what that person has meant to you over the past year and why their day of birth is significant to you. The best gift to show this your thanks is with Simontea's birthday baskets. Filled with chocolate, a plush teddy bear, wine, balloons and more, there is enough here to ensure they feel loved and special on a day that is meant to be celebrated for them! 

Montreal Fun Facts: 

Montreal is the largest city in Quebec! 

This city is one the world’s top five largest French-speaking cities but citizens are bi- and tri- lingual. 

It is built on atop a 30-mile island  the St. Lawrence and Ottawa rivers.

Poutine is a famous food Montreal street food made of French fries, cheese curds, and gravy. 

The popular video game Assassin's Creed was created in Montreal by the company Ubisoft.

Our gift basket service offers fast and reliable delivery, as well as free-shipping on all orders of $100 or more!

Frank and Oak is a Montreal-based fashion label that uses a sustainable approach to their label, from their cut-and-sew to their digital campaigns. 

The Montreal Canadiens will be celebrating their 110th birthday on Dec. 4 2019!

Movies such as X-Men, 300, and Catch Me if You Can were all filmed in the city of Montreal! Celebrity spotting's are a regular occurrence as many Hollywood movies are filmed there.