Tea and Biscuit Gift Baskets

The sensory feeling of drinking a warm cup of tea is better experienced than described. Our carefully curated gourmet tea collection will make your personal tea time a luxurious moment. Although it may be brief, having that time to steep away your stress is a vital part of your day. All you have to do is grab a mug and boil some water for a little daytime escape. Having a little tea ritual as part of your daily tasks will calm your mind and nourish your body, and with our different types, you can make your own custom blend. Surprise a tea lover, or someone you know who deserves a few cups of soothing warmth with our Tea and Breakfast Gift Baskets.

Enjoy some well deserved me-time while wrapping your hands around a perfectly warm mug of peppermint, green, early grey etc.! Have your friends over on a rainy day and make your own personal blends while cozying up to a new show. Or start your morning with a fresh and invigorating morning rise! 

Add your leaves to your pot of boiling water, or spoon some into tea bags for on-the-go access.  Make a tea party spread with your finest set of china and display our shortbread cookies in saucers for a fun afternoon activity! Our options of artisan snacks compliment the finest leaves to ensure each bite and sip is of the highest quality. Warm up a snow day or pour over ice cubes for a refreshing pitcher of iced tea!

Tea Gift Baskets Canada

The possibilities are endless as we've sourced some of the best options available. Bring out the kettle, it's time to pour yourself a mug! Our gift baskets with tea are the perfect package for having your own daily ceremony, regardless of time and place. Dedicate a few minutes in your daily life to breathe in the calming aroma of our fresh and premium leaves. We use Puretea loose leaf mix in our baskets to guarantee each cup has the purest taste.  

Tea time is more than a mental refresher. The physical health benefits of this hot beverage are endless, as well as all the flavours it naturally offers. With all the different available on the mass and specialty market, making decisions can be overwhelming. That's why we've curated the most beneficial and tasty blends for you! For instance, don't waste your time researching, as we've made our Tea Gift Guide that breaks down what to get each person in your life, suitable for all your gift basket ideas:

Tea Gift Guide  

Ideas for Mom - Looking for Mother's Day tea gift baskets ideas or a gift for expecting mothers? We suggest pure peppermint for its many uses against allergies, common cold, indigestion, and pain relief. Its abundant anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties also help alleviate and heal such symptoms with the natural approach. 

Ideas for Dad - If dad wants to adopt a more holistic approach or is just needs something to loosen up,  we've chosen earl grey as the best blend. As it provides enough energy for him to light up his, it also has the ability to decrease stress. He can keep this at the office! Since black tea also increases good cholesterol, it can reduce the risk of heart attacks!  

Ideas for Coworkers - Your colleagues and clients just as hardworking as you. Reward them with the gift of a soothing cup. The additional delicious cookies and crackers make a great work break snack and  our English Breakfast blend is the perfect way to make them feel appreciated. Since they're mostly sedentary at work, drinking English Breakfast can increase circulation and boost metabolism to make up for it. 

Our tea gift sets Canada delivery is fast and reliable, so you can send some self-care to anyone. In addition, we offer free delivery on orders of $100 or more with our fast and reliable shipping. Alberta, Edmonton, Calgary Vancouver etc. delivery in 4-7 business days. 

Tea Gift Baskets Toronto

We offer same-day shipping within the GTA, including Oakville, Mississauga, Scarborough, Markham, Richmond Hill, etc. so you can give someone a relaxation remedy ASAP. Furthermore, did you know it is also good for:

- Reducing under-eye circles and puffiness when you apply cooled tea bags on them. Thank the caffeine and antioxidants!
-  Unwind by adding a few fresh bags into your bath for a relaxing experience. Combined with epsom salts, this is a great way to heal the body. 
- Create a DIY facial steam by infusing hot water with green tea bags.This is a fast and budget-friendly way to get that glow!