Cakes For Birthdays

September 03, 2019

Birthday Cake Basket

The decision-making process for choosing yummy cakes for birthdays can be long. From the right flavours, to the perfect texture, to the best decor, finding the perfect birthday cake is a journey as much as it is a destination. Our same-day Toronto delivery makes eases the cake shopping process by reducing it to just a few minutes!

Finding The Best Birthday Cakes

Life may be a slice, but sometimes the batter gets a little clumpy. Make life smoother with these unique cake recipes to elevate your standard sponge cake. When searching for the cake confectionery of your dreams, keep in mind all the factors that comprise the perfect one: taste, texture, and trend. Ask yourself these vital questions: Do the flavours satisfy you? Is it moist or dense enough? Does it fit the look/occasion you're going for? This filtering process is the powdered sugar on the treacle tart! 

The best ingredient in every single cake is love. The same goes for gift baskets. Every birthday gift basket is made with care and caution in order to pass our quality control standards each time. 

Unique Birthday Cake Ideas: 

For Kids - You can put any cake in front of a kid and they'll eat it. That doesn't mean you should compromise on the aspects of a great cake. Decorating with colourful fondant, adding different shapes, sticking to a theme, or adding sparkly sprinkles will really add the wow factor at their next birthday party. 

For Teens - As kids turn to teens, their flavour palettes and preferences change. As they seek non-conformity in all aspects of life, they also seek individuality in any time they can. A non-traditional cake is a fun way to demonstrate this, such as a doughnut or macaron cake, cakes in the shape of other foods, or cakes made from exotic or eccentric ingredients. 

For Adults - As adults have a more refined taste, cakes such as tiramisu, flourless chocolate cake, or olive oil cake make the cut (or the slice, in this case)! As more candles are added each year, every bite is still enjoyed as much as the first. 

Best Birthday Cakes In Toronto

We deliver deliciously decadent cakes of your choice all around the GTA with same day shipping. If you've left it until last minute, or forgot about someone's birthday (don't worry, we won't tell), you can get a freshly-baked surprise delivered straight to their door before end of day - just be sure to order before 11 am EST. Get free shipping on all orders of $100 or more! 


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