December 09, 2021

Care packages for remote employees are a great way to show your appreciation for your staff. While your employees working from home are working hard, being away from the office can be isolating. Care packages for remote employees are a great way of showing them they’re a valued member of the team. 

What Do You Put In A Care Package For An Employee?

Care package gifts are one of the best ways to show a colleague, friend, or employee that you’re thinking of them and appreciating them. There are many types of care packages to send, such as spa and wellness care packages, get well soon care packages and curated care packages of the recipient’s favorite things. Employee care packages tend to focus on sending along branded and work related items, along with an assortment of treats and snacks and other enjoyable goodies. 

Work From Home Care Package For Employees Ideas

Send care packages to your employees as they work remotely in order to boost morale and team spirit. While most people working from home enjoy the short commute, remote work does have its downsides. Feeling like part of the team and enjoying the social aspects of the office are often lost on remote employees. Sending along an employee appreciation care package to remote employees is a great way to remind them that you’re all still in it together. 

Care Package For Employees During Covid

Simontea Toronto offers a range of great care packages for employees. From sweet care packages to care packages of delicious tea and artisan snacks, all of our curated care packages are perfect for employee appreciation. 

Send your working from home employees a luxurious gift with our Gourmet Collection care package. Perfect for those with a taste for the finer things, this premium gift basket is full of artisan crackers, candy popcorn and delicious cookies and chocolate. 

Care Packages for Remote Employees

Ideal for cheering up remote employees that might feel a bit isolated away from the comradery of the office, this sweet care package is the a perfect pick me up. Remind them just how valuable their hard work is to your, and the business, with our wonderful Sweet Side gift basket. 

Care Packages for Remote Employees

When it’s crunch time in the fourth quarter and your team is putting in extra hours, this Tea Care Package is the perfect way to help them wind down. Show your appreciation for all their extra effort with a premium selection of calming tea and gourmet snacks. They’ve earned all of it and more! 

Care Packages for Remote Employees

For employees with a sweet tooth, this extra sweet care package is crammed with our Most Popular Chocolates. They’ll feel like a kid again when they receive this gift basket full of KitKats, Smarties, Oreo cookies and more delicious chocolate treats. There’s no better reward for a job well done than indulging in some scrumptious chocolate. 

Care Packages for Remote Employees