Care Packages For Students

April 24, 2020

If you have kids or friends studying abroad in Canada, send them a nice care package to remind them that you are always thinking about them. If you are looking for some ideas for care packages, then this is the place for you. We got all the care packages Canada for you. 

First time being away from home for so long is hard. Help them fight homesickness by sending a care package to their university residence. Care packages ideas include sending them comfort foods to ease their anxieties and stress. Happiness in a box is when they receive something that feels homey.  Foods such as shortbread cookies, truffles, crackers and cheese are great items to look for in a basket. Tea baskets are the ideal gifts to send to help them de-stress from exams. If they are spending their birthdays during school, customize your basket and add several birthday balloons.

Sweets are always great snacks to send to lighten up their day. We have many gift baskets that are filled with chocolates and candies. There will be more than enough to go around. The box of goodies will put a big smile on their faces. Did you know chocolates help release endorphins that make people feel happy? We have many baskets with different types of chocolates. Whether it is milk, dark or assorted, we got the chocolates for you. Send them a big package full of chocolates and they are going to be extremely satisfied. 

If you are more worried about their health, take a look at our healthy care packages. These baskets are packed with natural and nutritional snacks that are a great replacement for junk food. Our baskets includes gluten free non GMO potato chips, roasted pea pops, natural ginger candies, organic dark chocolates and many more healthy alternatives. Great baskets to send if you want to encourage them to eat healthier. 

We can also help you customize your care packages to make it extra special. Maybe they have a nut allergy, we will make sure to replace all items with nuts with other snacks. Or maybe they just want more chocolates and cookies, we will try to help you make your most perfect basket come true. 
You can also add adorable plushies to your basket. Include an adorable bear or bunny to your gift to make sure your child or friend doesn't get lonely. 
If it's there birthday, add a few birthday balloons! It's always more fun and festive when balloons are involved. 

If you want to send something luxurious, you can take a look at our spa baskets. All our spa gifts include only the finest products made for pampering and rejuvenation. Lavender is the best ingredient for de-stressing, it helps the mind and body relax. Send them a nice spa gift to remind them to take care of themselves when they are away from home.