December 16, 2021

Send Christmas gifts to work from home employees this upcoming holiday season. The winter holidays are an exciting and joyful time. While there may be in office events for your employees, sending Christmas gifts to work from home employees guarantees that everyone on your staff feels the holiday spirit. 

What Is The Best Christmas Gift For Employees?

Christmas gifts for employees are a great way to show your hardworking team just how much you value their dedication. Christmas and the winter holidays are all about showing the important people in our lives how much we appreciate them. There are many unique gifts for employees that will show them you’re still noticing their hard work and dedication and want to provide a thoughtful gift during these December holidays. 

Best Holiday Gifts for Employees

Sending Christmas gift baskets and gift sets to remote employees is a great way to give back during the Christmas season. Christmas gift baskets for work from home employees allow you to send so many thoughtful items along to your workers. If your employees have a family, holiday gift baskets are the perfect gift for sharing amongst their temporary coworkers (aka their kids and spouse!) 

Below is a selection of some of our most popular gifts for remote employees during the Christmas and holiday seasons. Each of our unique employee gifts can be customized to your liking, with branded material and merchandise added along to every holiday gift basket. No matter what you require, it’s our top priority to ensure you and your employees are absolutely dazzled by each incredible gift for Christmas.

Remote Employee Christmas Gifts

This extra special holiday basket has a Christmas favorite theme. The Holiday Candy Cane Christmas Gift Basket is the perfect gift for every candy cane lover in your office. Featuring festive candy cane hot chocolate mix, this cheerful gift basket is overflowing with delicious treats for the winter season. 

Christmas Gifts for Work From Home Employees 

Chocolate, pretzels and tons of gourmet snacks make this Holiday Gourmet Treats basket a must have for your remote employees. Perfect for sharing or keeping all the goodies to themselves, this gourmet basket is one of the best Christmas gifts for employees. 

Christmas Gifts for Work From Home Employees 

Whichever winter festivities, holidays and traditions your employee celebrate, unique gifts for employees don’t get much better than our Snowflake Holiday Basket. Stylishly presented in a rustic metal basket (perfect for reusing later for crafts or storage) is filled with festive treats and delicious snacks. 

Christmas Gifts for Work From Home Employees 


A classic present for the Christmas season, our Christmas Gift Box is a wonderful present for sending out amongst all your remote employees. With a lovely selection of our favourite premium chocolates and artisan snacks, this holiday gift is the perfect thing for spreading holiday cheer.

Christmas Gifts for Work From Home Employees