Cookie It Up Cookies from Aurora

September 05, 2017

You can not make good gift baskets without good cookies. We find out that long time ago. We try so many different ones, we are using 3-4 different cookies in our baskets, but always stick with one kind - Cookie it Up.

Recently we visited them in Aurora (there is Cookie It Up production facilities) and find out that they have  great new space, with new production line, and much bigger capacity. 

Whenever we are there, we always ask them to try fresh, hot cookies right from the line. And they are AMAZING, every time. They have small retail outlet, when you can buy fresh great cookies. So if you are passing by close, go there.

We made few pictures in new space , and like to share with you one.


We at Simontea gift baskets made so many gourmet gift baskets with Cookie It Up products, and there is the one of them.

Simontea gift baskets

So many flavours they carry, but most popular  is this one. - chocolate shortbread.

Aurora cookies company


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