Custom Baby Baskets

May 29, 2019

Customized Baby Gift Baskets

DIY your own creation to make the ultimate unique baby gifts. Adding personality to any of our gifts will make it stand out in a sea of Barbies and Tonka Trucks. Make a child feel extra special by adding a touch only they can appreciate. Nothing is like the bond you two have, whether you're an cousin, an uncle, or family friend etc. Add their monogram their initials, write their last name, or go even  further with penning a nickname on their onesie! Get a set of newborn twins something of their own with embroidered blankets. Give siblings a Big Brother/Sister and Little Brother/Sister set to make everyone feel included.
In an industry full of generic copies of the same toys, give them something that different they will appreciate forever. Parents will also appreciate the extra sentiment and effort you put into creating one of our unique baby gifts. Add in chocolate or wine for parents to enjoy, or swap out items to make sure they'll like what they get.

Personalization of baby gifts


Personalized Baby Gifts

We personalize our baby gift baskets to suit your gifting needs. Whether you want to amp up our ready-made baby baskets or create  an original package of your own taste, we can help you create the ultimate present. Our baby personalization gift options include customized embroidery on blankets and onesies, engraving on our baby Muskoka chairs, and monogramming. Every child is unique so
give a gift that reflects that with our high-quality personalized products. Our personalized items for kids will make them feel special during their birthday or the holidays, and will they will always remember that feeling. Upgrade their birthday present with their name or favourite phrase. This small addition
will give them a sense of individuality and the importance of wonder your gift is their favourite. With our personalized baby gifts Canada, give a memorable surprise custom-made for every child with your own personalized touch.

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