February 04, 2022

Send get well gift baskets to employees as they recover from time away from the office. When your employees have taken sick leave, offer a token of your best wishes with a generous gift basket. There are so many reasons to consider get well gift baskets for employees.

What Do You Put In A Care Package To Get Well Soon?

If you’re looking to send a get well soon gift to your employees or coworkers, there are a few items to consider including. Soothing herbal teas, or the tea you know they prefer, are always a good place to start. Loose-leaf teas are a great way to help someone sick feel better, and many even have soothing properties that can help them get well quickly. 

It may be nice to include a variety of snacks and treats. While most of these items should be on the healthier side, to help your employee get well, it won’t hurt to include some chocolate or chips. Being stuck at home with a cold is never any fun, and part of sending a get-well care package to employees is to help cheer them up. 

Get Well Gift For Employee

Simontea offers several unique get-well gifts that are perfect for an employer to send out to sick workers. Our care packages include a range of teas and other healthy items to promote healing. 


This generous gift basket is one of our most unique get-well gifts to help someone get over an illness. With different items for amusement such as magazines and word games, this thoughtful gift basket also includes delicious snacks and healthy treats. 

Get Well Gift Baskets for Employees


When someone is sick, eating the right foods and maintaining a healthy diet can drastically improve their recovery time. Send this get-well gift to your sick employee in order to offer them a variety of healthy snacks that will have them healing up in no time. 

Get Well Gift Baskets for Employees


No list of our unique get well gifts would be complete without one of our popular care packages with Tea. Packed with an array of delicious chocolates and treats, this thoughtful get-well gift basket contains green jasmine and early grey black tea. Get Well Gift Baskets for Employees

Get Well Gift Baskets Canada 

Have any of our get well soon gifts delivered right to your employees house with our same-day Toronto delivery. It’s easy to offer sick employees a sincere token of your well-wishes. Go online to Simontea Toronto and select the care package you wish to send. We’ll have your get well soon gifts delivered promptly and with reliable service you can count on.