January 26, 2022

The best gifts to blow away your customer are online at Simontea. Discover an incredible collection of client and customer gifts that are sure to impress. Corporate gifts are a great way to keep your business top of mind. Guarantee repeat business when you give gifts to blow away your customers. 

What gift can I give my customers?

If you’re searching for corporate gift ideas for clients and customers, the best place to start is with your budget and recipients. Once you determine how many customers you’ll be sending creative client gifts to, you can create a budget for your gift spending. If your budget is on the smaller side, you’ll likely be looking for customer appreciation gift ideas such as grab bags and small gift boxes. If there’s more room to spend, then a customer appreciation gift basket is one of the best gifts to impress clients. 

Meaningful Gifts For Clients

The best customer appreciation gift ideas are ones that work for multiple recipients. If you have a client list of 200 valued customers, it’s unlikely you’ll be sending out a personal gift for each of them. While creative client gifts often include a personal item or two (such as a branded pen with your customer’s name) the gifts themselves will be essentially the same.

This is part of what makes gift baskets for customers the perfect choice. A corporate gift basket for clients and customers can be filled with many unique and creative items to impress your customers and create a lasting impression. Instead of finding simply one gift item that suits many people’s tastes, a corporate gift basket offers a range of snacks, treats, foods and beverages that will have something for everyone. 

Creative Corporate Gift Ideas

Corporate gift baskets are the best way to send a thoughtful gift to your valued customers. Whether you’re looking to send a corporate holiday gift basket or just ensure they know how much you value their business, corporate gifting is always a strong idea. Showing your appreciation for clients and coworkers with gifts and gift baskets is a thoughtful way of strengthening your business relationship. If it’s been a while since you’ve done business with them, sending a generous gift basket is a great way to keep your business on the top of their minds. 

Gourmet Corporate Gift

This gourmet gift basket is perfect for sharing. Clients can keep them in the office to share amongst their coworkers or take this premium gift basket of savoury snacks and treats home to their family. 

Chocolate Gift Basket for Clients

Customers with a sweet tooth will absolutely adore this elegant chocolate gift basket. Absolutely stuffed with fine quality chocolates and artisan cookies and shortbread, this extravagant corporate gift is the best way to make an incredible and lasting impression.