September 22, 2020

Ordering your holiday gift baskets online makes holiday and Christmas shopping stress-free! If you're tired of overcrowded malls, time-consuming line-ups and unreliable online shopping delivery mishaps, SimonTea has the solution for you with our top-of-the-line gourmet gift baskets. Our stunningly designed baskets and hampers feature holiday colours and patterns that are stuffed to the brim with quality goodies and food items inside each basket. And with hassle-free same-day free shipping in Toronto, you won't have to keep tabs on your tracking day after day, anxiously waiting for your package in hopes that it will arrive on time. Even more, each of our gift baskets is hand-wrapped and stunningly designed for pleasing aesthetic appearance, and topped with a signature novelty bow. 

Holiday Gift Baskets Online

For the best online holiday gift baskets, SimonTea Holiday Collection includes a number of gift baskets within a range of price points, all including our gourmet selected, premium quality products. From our authentic holiday milk chocolate bars to traditional holiday snacks like candy cane hot chocolate and caramel corn, you will be able to find the best gift basket idea for any recipient. Each of our baskets are delicately prepared in-house with the tender care you would provide, so save the time of messy DIY projects with the easier option of ordering your gift baskets online. 

If you're looking to order a large quantity of holiday gift baskets for employees, SimonTea has corporate gift baskets that are great for handing out at the office to express your gratitude and appreciation for your staff. Our wine gift baskets or gourmet gift baskets are all able to include a holiday spin with novelty add-on items to add a sprinkle of holiday joy, personalized greeting cards and seasonal wrapping options. Our premium baskets are a creative and easy gift option for small or large teams and really offer the gift that keeps on giving with the array of sweet and savoury goodies that have been hand-picked and tested to ensure only top-quality products. 

Any of the number of gift baskets in our holiday collection are great for any person in your life, from co-workers, to bosses, to teachers to friends and loved ones. The vast selection of products included in each of our baskets ensures there is a taste for everyone, and will not disappoint even the pickiest of tastes! Additionally, all of our gift baskets include a quality basket as a base that can be re-used for practical use at-home or in the office. From hand-woven wicker baskets to adorable holiday sleighs and truly everything in between, the holiday gift basket ideas are endless and you will be gifting your recipient with a gift that will last them long after this holiday season!