February 07, 2022

Wondering how to fight the post-Christmas blues? You may not even be sure you have it, but if you’re feeling bummed throughout January and February, it’s a safe bet that you’re dealing with post-holiday blues. In this blog, we’ll discuss what this phenomenon is, and how you can learn to fight the post-Christmas blues. 

What Is Post-holiday Syndrome?

Whichever name you choose, whether it’s post-Holiday syndrome, post-Christmas syndrome or the blues, this is a phenomenon we’ve likely all felt. After the excitement of the winter holiday season and New Years Eve, we enter the month of January on a holiday high. Unfortunately, that quickly drops off as we return to work and face the new year in front of us. 

Getting the Post-holiday Blues

For the last part of the year, it’s all about Christmas. Even if it’s not a holiday you celebrate, you’re unlikely to escape the festive decorations in stores and in people’s homes. There’s cheerful talk of gift exchanges around the office and everyone looks forward to taking some much-need time away from work. 

Once all of that is over, the Christmas decorations have been put away and you’re all back in the office for the first quarter of the new year. It’s hard not to feel like everything returning to normal is a bit of a letdown, but’s more than that. Winter is just ramping up and the terrible weather leads to the Winter blues. Not to mention, the next holiday major holiday isn't until Easter, and April feels years away. 

Everywhere you look, things are kind of a bummer. Well, don’t despair because there are some ways to beat to the Winter blues, and the post-Christmas blues along with them. 

Curing Post-Christmas Syndrome 

You may not get any time off work, but there’s still lots of winter fun to be found after December. If you’ve got a family with young kids, surprise them with a trip out to be a hill for sled races, snow angels and building snow-people. 

If you’d prefer a more a mature approach to winter activities, make yourself some delicious hot cocoa (with or without something extra) and relax under a warm blanket while watching a great movie or television show. 

The gift-giving season may be over, but that doesn’t mean there’s no more reason to show your loved ones a little appreciation. Giving and getting gifts is known to improve people’s mood, so go out and pick something up for the people you love. It doesn’t have to be big or expensive, just a small token of your love. Doing little gift exchanges “just because” is a sure way to brighten someone’s day and break up the monotony of the dreary winter months.