January 10, 2022

Office gifts and corporate gifting can often feel like tricky terrain to navigate. Even for the most welcoming workplaces, ensuring you’re being appropriate and respectful of your colleagues is always top of mind. Learn the best ways to give office gifts to ensure your thoughtful gesture is respectful and appreciated. 

What Is A Good Gift For the Office?

Rules for exchanging gifts in the office can vary somewhat depending on your position and the position of your intended recipient. A boss giving their employees gifts has to keep a few things in mind that employees exchanging gifts don’t necessarily need to. However, in general, the basic guiding principle behind office gift-giving is respect. 

While you may have friends around the office, and consider your work environment to be fairly lax, it’s important to remember that even a relaxed, friendly office is still your place of work. Keep that in mind while exchanging personal or humorous gifts, even with coworkers you’re close with. 

Gifts exchanged in the office must always be appropriate for the work setting. No one wants to accidentally make anyone feel awkward or uncomfortable, and doing so could have serious ramifications. 

Gifts For Work Colleagues

When selecting gifts for your coworkers, it’s important to keep your budget in mind. This is easier to navigate if you’re participating in an office-wide gift exchange, such as Secret Santa or white elephant. 

However, if you’re just looking for office gifts for coworkers to give on your own, then sticking to a budget is very important. Depending on the size of your office, you may be giving quite a lot of gifts. Make sure everyone is given an equal gift by planning out how much money you’ll need in advance. 

Practical office gifts are a great option when looking for coworker gifts. Funky pencil holders, novelty pens and mugs are all great options that are office-appropriate and useful gifts. If you want your office gifts for coworkers to be a little more fun, consider a small gift set or gift box for everyone in the office. 

Giving Gifts To Employees

Selecting employee gifts can be a tricky area for bosses. The best way to ensure all your employees are treated fairly and respectfully is to get essentially the same gift for all of them. Adding a personal touch or two, such as their name on a pen, is a fun way to give practical office gifts an extra touch without singling anyone out. 

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