November 06, 2020

Your employees have gone through a lot this year. From quickly changing protocols and procedures, to makeshift home offices, your employees deserve to be recognized. If you are unsure how to show your appreciation for all of their hard work, MyBaskets Employee Appreciation Gifts is the answer. Our creative and thoughtful thank you gifts can be delivered anywhere in Canada. 

Boosting staff morale is easily done through the delivery of an appreciation gift basket. Wouldn't you be happy to receive a gift basket overflowing with delicious, gourmet quality food items? Wherever your employees are working from, whether at home or in a temporary office space, we can deliver our gifts for employee appreciation anywhere. And, if you select a basket priced at $100 or over, you can also enjoy free shipping.

Employee Appreciation Gifts

Of course, if you are sending out baskets to multiple employees, we have a streamlined ordering process that will take the stress of organizing, ordering and tracking your deliveries from you. We want your team to feel how grateful you are to have them work with you, and our friendly team will help to make this happen. Included with your appreciation gifts purchase, whether ordering a single basket or ordering in bulk, each basket comes with a personalized greeting card where you can put your gratitude into words, even though your team will probably be busy cracking open the great snacks within the basket! 

You know how hard your team works, and you know that they've worked even harder this year with everything that you and your staff have been faced with. It truly seems like one of the hardest years. But, you can give your team a bit of light by sending them a meaningful gift for employees. They will know that you value their dedication and that all of their extra hard work this year has not gone unnoticed.