October 23, 2020

For newborn baby gifts, toddler gifts, or gifts for new expectant parents, Simontea's line of Luxury Baby Gifts has a number of trendy and desirable gift baskets that you can send to new parents to celebrate the arrival of their bundle of joy. All of our luxury baby gift baskets are designed to have a stylish and unique look and your recipient will be impressed by the luxury gift they receive. Even our luxury line of baby baskets are reasonably priced considering the high quality items included, and there is sure to be a basket that will meet your desired wants and price point. Welcoming a new baby into the world is a time for celebration, and these luxury baby gift baskets are a guaranteed way to send a thoughtful gesture to new parents.

Our Luxury Baby Gift baskets include top quality baby and newborn items from brands that moms love! Our clothing options for little ones include all premium quality, ultra-soft clothing that will feel gentle on baby's skin. Our luxury baby line of baskets are all uniquely designed to please the tastes of every person. Our neutral baby gift baskets offer a more minimalistic, clean look, with neutral coloured clothing and baby items. The neutral baby gift baskets are modern looking, perfect for the contemporary parents with a passion for fashion (especially for their new little one!). We also have a number of gender-specific baby baskets. The fashion-forward items are guaranteed to look adorable on the new baby boy or baby girl! And of course, the majority of the baby gift baskets on Simontea include a baby's first teddy or plushie, necessary to keep new baby comforted with the premium quality material and gentleness of the fabrics by the selected brands.

One of our most popular luxury baby gift baskets is the Mini Muskoka Chair Baby Basket, which has the option of coming with gendered boy or girl options. The Mini Muskoka Chair comes with an adorable, toddler-sized Muskoka chair and a number of clothing items for baby. Included is a 5-piece clothing set which includes a long and short sleeve onesie, a hat, bib and mittens, as well as a baby blanket, book and teddy bear. There is also a Premium Muskoka Chair, which includes a trendy 3-piece knit set, cotton onesie, blanket, Jellycat plushie and a baby book. Both the standard and the premium Muskoka chair baby baskets are in high demand, and your recipient will love the functionality of this charming gift basket.


And of course, don't forget about new mom when sending a new baby gift basket! Our Mom and Baby Gift Basket has a little something for both baby and mom. The stunning wooden box comes filled with baby items like a Jellycat bunny plushie, cotton clothing and baby items, and a story book. For mom, this basket comes with self-care items like body lotion and a soothing candle to make sure the new mom in your life is taking care of themselves while enjoying their new life as a mom to a darling newborn.


So, what is a good gift for a baby? Definitely one of the gift baskets from our luxury baby basket collection. There is a range of baskets to choose from, with a style and price point for everyone, and our baby baskets can be delivered anywhere in Canada. If you're not sure what to include in a newborn baby gift, take the stress away and choose your preferred basket from our long list of our appealing and trendy luxury baby gift baskets, that include the necessary items that should be included in a new baby gift. Feel confident in sending a new baby gift with a luxury baby gift basket by Simontea.