One Of A Kind Show Toronto 2017

April 01, 2017

Gift Baskets Canada

@MyBasketsCa  was at the 2017 One Of A Kind Show in Toronto #OOTKSH17.

It was a wholesome experience to see so many beautiful people making beautiful things! It's not often we get to expose ourselves to other creators and it's inspiring to see what everyone is doing out on the field. We tasted, felt, saw, smelled, and heard products we've never imagined, and it excited to us to continue curating our baskets for you! 

We were so impressed with all the unique products and creative designs. Everone put in lots of effort, skill, and hard work to make their products great.

Here are some of our favourites - 



Honey sells hand-crafted infused honeys that use independently sourced Canadian honey. Cardamom, vanilla, and lemon-infused honeys boasted impressive flavours, but their business philosophy is what hooked us. Local, sustainable, and high-quality, Mellifera Bees honey was delicious!

 Les Canardises - Foie Gras

This smooth foie gras against toasted bread was a delectable experience. Rich, buttery, and melt-on-your-tongue soft, Les Canardises Foie Gras is hard to forget about. Perfect to serve as an appetizer at your next dinner party!

Cosman & Webb - Pure Organic Maple Syrup 

Organic Maple Syrup Canada

Maple syrup is a Canadian classic, and it's easy to differentiate between Aunt Jemima's and the real deal. This maple syrup is made in their certified organic farms in Southern Quebec. For the past 20 years, Cosman's uses sustainable sap to create their products. Made without artificial flavours, this is the purest taste you can get next to straight up sap!


 The One Of A Kind Show is host to many up-and-coming creators, inventors, and entrepreneurs. Getting to experience it alongside fellow makers was humbling and inspiring. The exposure to such comprehensive craftsmanship makes us honoured to have been there. The intensive effort and visionary approach to product creation is something we also appreciate as makers and search for constantly throughout our practice. 

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