January 28, 2022

If you’re looking into sending gift baskets from USA to Canada, then this blog is for you. Read through our guide to learn what obstacles you might face (as well as how to get around them). If you’ll be sending gift baskets from USA to Canada, this guide is the resource for you! 

Can I Send Presents To Canada?

If you’re in the USA sending gifts to Canada, it’s absolutely possible to do so. However, the process may be more difficult (and more costly) than you think.

If you’ve ever ordered a gift from overseas, you probably know that while the process of sending or receiving shipments internationally is usually not too difficult, a number of things can go wrong (and frequently do).

Shipping delays and issues getting gifts through customs can keep your USA to Canada gift baskets locked in shipping limbo. While customs only perform random searches on international packages, gifts valued over $100.00 are more likely to be flagged in their system. If your gift basket to Canada is flagged to be searched, you could be looking at a shipping delay from anywhere of a few days to several weeks.

Gift Baskets To Canada From USA

Everything from the weather, tariff issues and the aforementioned customs delays can cause your gift from USA to Canada to arrive at its chosen destination far later than intended. And depending on the time of year, the postal service may be overwhelmed and processing at a slower rate.

There’s a lot of obstacles to contend with when sending an item over the Canadian border. Furthermore, your gift will likely be subject to taxes and duties. Any gift crossing the border that’s valued at over $20.00 CAD will be subject to a %5 GST fee. Depending on the value of your gift, that can be quite costly.

Canada Gift Basket Delivery

While sending your gift basket far ahead of time and avoiding busy times and poor weather can go a long way to helping keep your gift on track, there are still customs and duties to contend with. The best way to avoid the obstacles is to avoid shipping over the border altogether.

Canada gift companies can be contacted from anywhere around the world, including, of course, the USA. If you’re sending gifts, Canada gift basket delivery makes it easy to have your gifts arriving at your recipient’s residence in no time and with no fuss.

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