February 02, 2022

If you’re thinking of sending gift baskets to Canada from England (United Kingdom), you may want to know what barriers your shipment may face. From delays to duties, sending gifts overseas is challenging. Read our blog to learn what you need to know for sending gift baskets to Canada from England (United Kingdom). 

Can I Send Gifts To Canada?

While it’s perfectly possible to send gifts to Canada from the UK, there are many barriers to look for. If you need to send gifts within a short time frame, weather delays and issues going through customs may keep your gift from its intended recipient. The weather can be unpredictable, so it’s good practice to give your gift a lot of time to get where it needs to go. 

Once it crosses the ocean and arrives in Canada, customs may cause further delays. While it’s unlikely customs officers will find a thoughtful gift basket suspicious, the higher your gifts are valued at the more likely it is that it will be inspected. Delays and issues with customs may keep your gift tied up for a few days or even a few weeks. 

British Gift Baskets Canada

If sending gifts overseas might be a trickier prospect than anticipated, you may be wondering what options that leaves you with. Fortunately, the easiest and most efficient method of getting a gift sent from England to Canada is also the only one that allows you to avoid overseas shipping and customs altogether. 

The best way to have gifts sent from the UK to Canada is to get in touch with a gift company already in Canada. Gifting companies such as Simontea can take orders for gourmet gift baskets or gifts for birthdays from anywhere around the world. Even if you’re located in the United Kingdom or England, it’s easy to place an order online for a generous gift basket. Gift basket companies in Canada can fulfill your order and have it sent to your loved ones in Canada in no time at all. 

Send Gifts To Canada Online

Have gifts delivered to Canada from England with Simontea. No matter where you’re located in the United Kingdom, it’s easy to have the best gift baskets sent to your loved ones in Canada. Our easy-to-use online ordering portal makes it simple to select the perfect basket and our fast and reliable delivery service guarantees your gift will be arriving in no time at all.

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