October 05, 2021

Organic baby clothes are a great option for parents who prefer only the most natural and holistic ingredients and materials. If you’re looking to send an organic baby gift to a family who just had a new baby, our blog discusses the pros and cons of buying organic baby clothes. 

Do Baby Clothes Need To Be Organic?

Whether you’ve just had a new baby of your own, or are looking to send some soft baby clothes to friends or business associates, the question of organic baby clothes is one that’s on everyone’s mind. Some people swear by them and insist organic is the only option for newborns and small infants. Others dismiss organic clothing as an unnecessary fad. 

If you’re looking into sending an organic baby romper or adorable organic PJ’s set to a new family, you’re likely wondering if this is money well spent. The major downside to organic baby clothes is the cost, and for some people, it’s just not a feasible choice. 

If you talk to your own parents, they’ll likely tell you none of your own baby clothes were organic at all. It wasn’t on people’s minds to consider how and what from their infant’s clothing was made. And in all likelihood, it turned out fine for you. Nothing dire happened, you wore your non organic clothing and grew up without developing green skin or growing horns. 

Are Organic Clothes Worth It?

While it’s true most of us survived just fine while wearing processed cotton or polyblend clothing, these days we have a stronger understanding of just how many chemicals go into harvesting and creating most clothing. And while that’s not often an issue for adults, babies and especially newborns have much softer and less hardy skin. Infants with sensitive skin or allergies may find themselves especially susceptible to rashes and infection just from rubbing against clothing or bedding that irritates them. 

As babies grow and develop, their skin will toughen and the chemicals used to maintain and treat clothing will become less dire. But for newborn infants, organic baby clothes are an excellent way to guarantee the newborn will only have wholesome and trusted natural material pressed against their soft little arms and legs. It’s this comfort and peace of mind that have led many new parents to prefer organic baby clothing, even with the steeper price. 

Organic Baby Clothes Canada

For a great selection of organic baby rompers, organic blankets and other wholesome and soft baby clothes, Simontea Toronto offers an incredible array of organic baby baskets for new little boys and girls, as well as gender neutral organic baby gifts. 

Organic Baby Boy Clothes 

This Organic Baby Boy Gift Basket is an excellent present to send to new families who prefer organic materials. Perfect for newborn boys, this gift set includes pajamas and toys all made from trusted, natural and organic material. 

Should I Buy Organic Baby Clothes?

Organic Baby Girl Clothes 

A luxury gift to stun and delight new parents, our Premium Baby Girl Gift Basket features a cuddly Moulin Roty plush Mouse, fine quality organic baby clothing and an ultra cozy premium swaddling blanket perfect for encouraging sweet dreams all night long. 


Should I Buy Organic Baby Clothes?



Organic Baby Neutral Clothes 

While many parents have found out the gender of the baby long before bringing them into the world, some may still not know whether they’re going to have a baby boy or girl. Send a thoughtful Organic Neutral Gift for Baby so that no matter whether they have a boy or girl, they’re prepared with a thoughtful great full of incredible and wholesome items. 


Should I Buy Organic Baby Clothes?