November 17, 2021

Finding holiday gifts for clients and vendors or suppliers can be a difficult task. There are rules and etiquette for what to give and send, and it can challenging to find gifts everyone will appreciate. Read our guide to discover the best holiday gifts for clients and vendors. 

What Can I Give My Clients For Christmas?

One of the most important things to keep in mind when looking for business gifts to send during the holidays is that not everyone celebrates Christmas. There are a number of winter holidays happening around the same time, and clients and business associates that celebrate those may feel offended if they receive a gift that’s very obviously decorated for Christmas. 

If you’re unsure which holiday each of your clients celebrates, or are sending too many gifts to personalize them all, make sure your decorations and messages are kept non-denominational. 

Luxury Corporate Gifts Ideas

Most businesses only send gifts to vendors once a year, traditionally around the holiday season. Sending business gifts to suppliers, vendors and other businesses that provide a service for you is a great way to keep your business relationship strong and genuinely thank them for the work they do for you. 

Because you’ll likely only be sending one gift once a year, it becomes very important to make sure that gift is a pretty good one. One of the most popular options for sending business gifts to vendors is a corporate gift basket. 

Gift baskets for businesses can be as large or small as they need to be, in order to suit the size of the office they’re going to. Luxury holiday gift baskets are a great way of showing your appreciation for their work throughout the year, and they’re perfect for sharing amongst the office. 

Creative Client Gifts

When selecting business gifts for clients during the holidays, the most important thing to consider is not what to buy, but when to buy it. Or more accurately, when to make the plans to buy it. Gifting companies often do most of their business around Christmas time, and will likely be swamped with requests even before the winter months begin. If you want to have your choice of gifts for clients, it’s vital that you plan your holiday gifts for clients well in advance. 

For the actual present itself, consider a creative holiday Christmas or holiday basket from Simontea Toronto. Just like sending gifts to vendors, holiday gift baskets are a great and unique gift choice to send to your business clients and associates. Simontea can personalize your business gifts for clients with corporate swag and guarantee that your thoughtful holiday basket helps to keep you top of mind as your client enjoys your luxury gift.