What Are You Getting For Mother's Day?

January 30, 2020

Are you giving your mom flowers again this year? That’s a lovely gift but this year you should spoil her with something bigger and nicer! Here are some fun present ideas to help you out. 

  1. Gift Baskets

Everybody loves receiving presents especially big and fancy ones. All our Mother's Day Gift Baskets are wrapped with cellophane and topped with an adorable ribbon to make it look extra nice. We have many options of baskets to choose from. A popular choice would be our spa gift hampers. If she likes to eat, we have many different types of gourmet ones that she is bound to love. Each gift is made with different high quality products and brands. If she loves chocolates, then we highly recommend the Mother’s Day Elegant Gift Basket. It is full of delicious milky goodness such as Godiva chocolates, truffles and cookies. If your mom is more of a health fanatic, our Healthy Gift Baskets are loaded with organic and natural products.
The Gift Basket with Tea is a great idea for mothers who love tea blends. If she is more of a wine drinker, then we recommend the Champagne Gift Box. Not only is it elegant but it comes in a beautiful wooden box, making your gift look even fancier. 


  1. Spa

Everybody needs a day to relax, spoil your mom with a spa day! Instead of bringing her to a place, why not enjoy it at her own home. Our spa gift baskets carry aromatic essentials that are perfect for relieving stress. A whiff of our lavender scented products will immediately send your mother to a trance and relaxing state. A spa day at home means you won’t have to deal with other people which lets you spend quality time with her. Do each other’s nails and pour some champagne to make the experience more delightful. 

  1. Brunch

Treating your mom to brunch is such a fun and cute idea to show how much you love her. Bring her to restaurants like the Hanabusa Cafe for trendy souffle Japanese pancakes. These trendy jiggly pancakes are to die for!
If she doesn’t like sweets then go for a more savory option. Yorkville Crepes have a wide selection of delicious crepes that will satisfy all your cravings. Maybe you should order from both the sweet and savory sections for the full experience!
If you want some healthier choices, Sorelle and Co. Bakery have gluten free and vegan high tea selections. Not only is there interior design cute but their fancy tea cups and pots will make you feel like you are in wonderland.
Remember to end the day with a small gift for your mom just to make the day extra special. 

All mums are amazing and it’s important to always shower them with love and gratitude. This is the best day to thank them for all they’ve done for you (even though you should be doing that everyday!). Spending quality time with your mom is the best way to show your appreciation. Make this day the most memorable Mother’s Day she will never forget. 

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