November 17, 2021

Buy back to work after covid gifts for your employees as they return to the office. Offices are beginning to welcome back employees who were working from home, many for over a year. Show your appreciation and help ease their transition with some thoughtful back to work after covid gifts. 

Should I Buy Welcome Back Gifts For Employees After Covid?

As the vaccine rollout continues and we further our attempts to get the pandemic under control, more and more offices are beginning to welcome their employees back to work. Some have been working from home since March 2020, while others may have been in and out of the office sporadically. There are many employee appreciation ideas that you can utilize to ensure everyone returning to work in the office feels good about the move. 

Welcome Back To Work Gifts After Covid

This last year has been a struggle for everyone, and while returning to the office may signal the start of a return to normalcy, these changes are still often difficult. Buying gifts for employees during covid as they come back to work is a thoughtful gesture that can do wonders for improving office morale in these difficult times. 

Corporate gifts for employees as they return to work can be personal and individualized gifts or gifts for the office to share. Whichever employee appreciation idea you prefer is a great way to help your returning employees get comfortable in the office once more. 

Gifts For Employees Appreciation

Discover great corporate gifts for employees for the entire office to share. Simontea Toronto has a wide range of incredible shareable employee gift baskets, perfect for welcoming staff back after covid lockdowns. Whether your business is big or small, our collection of gifts for employee appreciation has something for every office. 

Ideal for small teams, our Small Snacker Basket is a great way to treat returning employees. This basket may be small but it’s full of delicious cookies, chocolates and other gourmet snacks that your employees will love. 

What Back to Work After Covid Gifts Should I Buy My Employees?

If you’re running a big business with a large staff coming back into the office after covid lockdowns, you’ll need a gift basket that’s “go big or go home.” Our Monte Carlo Gift Basket is a larger than life surprise with enough incredible treats for the whole department. Treat your team to a luxury gift of artisan crackers and cheese, delicious chocolates and truffles and buttery shortbread cookies. There are so many scrumptious snacks in this basket with something for everyone. 

What Back to Work After Covid Gifts Should I Buy My Employees?

Welcome back employees after covid with a Gourmet Heavenly Sweets Gift Basket that’s just the right size. Offering a premium selection of all our most popular sweets and treats, this gourmet basket is a great option for gifting to multiple departments or sharing amongst a medium sized team.

What Back to Work After Covid Gifts Should I Buy My Employees?