February 10, 2022

Why is Chocolate the best gift for any occasion? We all know it's true, but many of us don't know why that is. Read through this blog to learn when it's best to give chocolate, and why Chocolate is the best gift of all. 

Which Chocolate Is Best For Gifting?

What is the very best thing about chocolate? If you asked 100 different people you'd very likely get 100 different answers. For us at Simontea, the best thing about chocolate is its versatility. Chocolate comes in different forms, like bars and bites and balls and so many other shapes. It can be super sweet or complex and dark. From caramel and wafer to sea salt and nuts, the ways chocolate can change are too many to count. Chocolate can be elegant or playful, very simple or very intricate. This versatility is exactly why it's the best gift for any occasion. 

If you're wondering which chocolate is the best for a gift, you first need to consider the recipient. Your young niece might like a fun gift basket of M&Ms and KitKats, but the same gift won't be received the same way by your boss. Instead, give her an elegant assortment of fine Lindor chocolates with a hint of hazelnut. 

For every recipient, there's the perfect chocolate that will have them absolutely melting. 

Unique Gifts For Chocolate Lovers

Chocolate is a universally beloved treat. It can be changed for every taste and preference. At Simontea, we want to ensure every type of chocolate lover gets the best chocolate gift for them. That's why our chocolate gifts come in all shapes and sizes. From chocolate gift baskets to the best chocolate gift box, we have all your chocolate gift needs covered. 


Our Popular Chocolate gift basket is the perfect surprise for someone who loves the classics. This generous gift is packed with all the old standbys you know and love. With crunchy KitKat and fun Smarties and so many delicious chocolates treat to enjoy. 

Why Chocolate is the Best Gift


For a recipient with a taste for the finer things, surprise them with this luxury gift of elegant Godiva chocolate and authentic French champagne. This elegant chocolate gift box is the perfect present for the person you’re really hoping to impress. 

Why Chocolate is the Best Gift


This extravagant chocolate gift basket is the ideal gift for any chocolate lover. This charming gift is bursting with so many different decadent chocolates. From smooth chocolate truffles to premium Godiva chocolates and crunchy chocolate chip cookies, this elegant gift of chocolate is a little taste of Heaven. 

Why Chocolate is the Best Gift

Gourmet Chocolate Gifts Delivered 

Our fast and reliable delivery service makes it easy to have chocolate gifts delivered anywhere you need them to go. If you’re looking to send chocolate gift baskets to your loved ones in Toronto, we even offer same-day shipping throughout the GTA. It’s never been more convenient to have chocolate gifts delivered to your friends and family.