Twin Baby Girl and Baby Boy Gift Basket

$145.00 CAD

    • This twin Baby Girl and Baby Boy Gift Basket includes:

      PINK GIRLS ONESIE - Our twin baby gift baskets include this daily essenital. 

      PINK BEANIE - Our baby gift baskets Canada inlcudes this item to protect your little girl from the harsh winter cold. 

      PINK BLANKET - Our baby shower gift baskets provide this staple to always have on hand! 

      PINK TEDDY BEAR - This pink plush bear is made to make nap even more enjoyable. 

      BLUE BOYS ONESIE - Our twin baby gift baskets have both twins matching! 

      BLUE BEANIE - This cotton beanie is the perfect cozy piece for indoor and outdoor activities. 

      BLUE BLANKET - This delicately warm blankie is perfect for cozying up with mom and dad. 

      BLUE TEDDY BEAR - This little blue bear also has a pink companion! 

      WOVEN BASKET - Perfect for storing all these essentials!  

    • Pink, blue...or both? The Baby Basket for Twins helps you celebrate the two new little stars in your life with a gift collection parents will cherish. The gift selection will arrive in a premium wicker basket with handles and is filled with items in pink, blue, or with one set of each to accommodate the new set of twins.

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