Big Brother Plush

$28.00 CAD

This adorable plush doll is the perfect addition for any gift basket for a new big brother to enjoy! This little guy is great to get a big brother-to-be ready for the arrival of his new sibling. Now they can play together with their respective plush toys, and this will be a step up from his teddy bear's he can now hand down. Adding this to one of our baby gift baskets is the perfect way to make the big brother feel included in the process of welcoming his newborn sibling, and preps him for his new role. 

Super soft and perfect for bringing on new adventures, giving this to your son, nephew, cousin etc., when he has graduated from only child and is ready to retire his teddy bears is a great way to say congratulations. 

Making him feel special during the process of becoming an older brother is an important part of preparing for a newborn, especially when it's his first time experiencing a new baby brother or sister. Using this doll to introduce him to the good news or to help him understand what is happening to the changing family dynamic is a fun, memorable, and interactive way of sharing the news.

Our gift baskets for baby boys and girls always consider the whole families needs. Giving mom and dad the proper tools for parenthood, such as appropriate baby clothing and accessories is what we do. We also consider the soon-to-be siblings as they prepare for this life changing day as well. 

Our baby gift baskets Canada prioritize your family's well being during this exciting time so they can get any moment to relax! 

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