Sophie The Giraffe

$29.00 CAD

Our most popular baby gift baskets include this worldwide best seller, Sophie the Giraffe. This teething toy is both a chic and practical gift to congratulate new parents with, for it will help their child once they turn 3 months and over. Great for the stage the begin to put their hands in the mouth and when their baby teeth begin to form, this toy is complete safe and made with natural rubber materials. Our baby shower gift ideas include items parent's don't have to worry about, and this BPA and pthalate-free toy is painted with natural food paint! Soft, stretchy, and with a pleasant scent, this teething toy is also made to stimulate all of your babies senses so they can have a complete sensory experience of cause and effect. We incorporate this toy in our unisex baby gift baskets, but also as an add-on option to any of your orders.

The real reason this toy has been an international hit is because it incorporates aesthetic with purpose. Prioritizing your babies health and development growth is any parents' top priority, while gifting new babies something sweet and cute is everyone else's. Vulli Toys, Sophie the Giraffe's production company, incorporates these two concepts to make the all-encompassing baby toy! Now everyone's need can be ticked off, including the newborn's. 

Made to be the perfect size to be maneuvered by baby hands, we've thoroughly researched the top-rated and top-selling baby toys to include in our baby gift baskets Canada! 

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