Birthday Gift Basket For Teenagers

$100.00 CAD

This birthday gift basket includes:

HERSHEY'S MILK CHOCOLATE - This is the chocolate bar you grew up with and will enjoy during the coming years, so indulge in one on your birthday! 

M&M'S CHOCOLATES - You'll finish these bite-sized pieces before you know it! It's crunchy chocolate shell coats its smooth interior for double the trouble!   

KITKAT (2) - Break a piece of this chocolate-covered wafer or go ahead and bite the whole thing! There's no wrong way of eating this delicious birthday gift. 

OREO COOKIES - These classic black and white cookies can be enjoyed in so many ways. Pour yourself a tall glass of milk and dunk them!  Or crumble them on top of ice cream for a DIY topping...a teenager's dream birthday dessert!

SMARTIES CHOCOLATE - This Canadian classic is best enjoyed two handfuls at a time. 

CHIPS - A bag of potato chips is always a good idea.  Stash these gourmet chips for the after-party and your teenagers won't get enough!

FUZZY PEACHES  - A sweet and sour pack of peach flavoured gummies. 

TWIZZLERS - These strawberry-flavoured twisted candies are chewy, sweet, and fun to eat! Best enjoyed with friends, this birthday gift is for everyone. 

MAYNARDS SWEET BERRIES - A classic gummy tasteful treat that will be enjoyed.

CARAMEL POPCORN - The perfect blend of sweet and salty for any late night snack craving.

TRUFFLES - Authentic French truffles with rich chocolate and a layer of cocoa powder. 

How to send the best birthday gift basket for teenager?

When shopping for a birthday gift for a teen, it's imperative to prioritize their best interests. If you don't know them well  or have a close relationship, the next best thing is to get them something sweet. A basket full of the best chocolates and candies will kick any of their cravings. Perfect for keeping in their backpack, they can eat on the go regardless of their busy schedule. 

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