Care Package With Tea

$100.00 CAD

Care Package with Tea made for loved ones that are feeling homesick or need a little boost in their everyday routine. Bringing much needed comfort to the ones you love the most. 

This care package with tea includes:

JASMINE TEA: “keep calm and drink green tea” this green tea is loaded with antioxidants that will keep you hydrated and motivated throughout the day. 

EARL GREY TEA: One of the most recognized flavoured teas in the world, this blend of black teas is hand blended and finished off with a fragrant smell of citrus and floral notes.

CHIPS - Made in British Columbia with all natural ingredients, these chips are the perfect crisp and flavour for any late night snack craving. 

PRETZELS: Crisp and salty, these bite sized pretzels are the perfect solution to satisfy any salty craving.

TRUFFLES: Calling all chocolate lovers! Covered in cocoa powder, this ultra-creamy truffle will have you falling in love with chocolate all over again. Immensely enjoyable, you’ll be surprised how fast they disappear!

CHEDDAR BISCUITS: With real Canadian cheddar, these shortbread cookies are great on their own or can accompanied with a cup of coffee.

CRACKERS: Crunchy and full of flavour, these Olive Oil and Sea Salt crackers are baked to perfection. Great as a snack, with soup, cheese, or any spread of your choice.

SHORTBREAD COOKIES: Decadent and Savoury shortbread cookies that will pair perfectly with tea. Made with the highest qulty of ingredients, these buttery shortbread cookies will leave you wanting more.

DARK CHOCOLATE BAR: The classic dark chocolate bar will surely satify any of your chocolate cravings. Made in Canada, sweet, milky and rich perfect for sharing or just snacking on while working at the office or at home.

MAPLE SHORTBREAD COOKIES :  Delicious shortbread cookies infused with hints of maple for a irresistible pack of cookies. 

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