Happy Chinese New Year

$119.00 CAD

This Chinese New Year Gift Basket includes:

CHINESE RED POCKET ENVELOPES - There's no money in this envelope but we are giving you something better. We are sending you waves of good luck!  

CHINESE NEW YEAR GOLD COINS - Edible gold coins, what a treat!  

CHINESE LUCKY CANDY - Increase your luck this year with delicious Chinese New Year candies. 

KIT KAT - You can't go wrong with Kit Kats. 

LINDOR GIFT BOX TRUFFLES- Irresistibly smooth chocolates with delicious fillings.

CHOCOLATE MILK BAR (100g) - Ingredients include love, warmth and happiness. Made in Canada, everybody will love them. 

GOURMET COOKIES (100g)- Chocolate chip cookies made with the best ingredients! 

CARAMEL POPCORN - You won't be able to put these down once you've tried them. 

PRETZELS - A casual snack that many will enjoy.

FRENCH CHOCOLATE TRUFFLES - Can't get enough of these milky truffles. 

CHEESE BISCUITS- Cheddar cheese short bread cookies.

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