Metropolitan Christmas Hamper

$350.00 CAD

Exquisite Corporate Gift Includes:

RATTAN HANDWOVEN BASKET: Chic handwoven rattan basket with two-tone design brings a modern touch to this vintage basket. The interwoven rattan is a classic touch, and the white accent gives the basket an upscale touch. Your recipient will find a number of household uses for this basket after the products are long gone. 
HAPPY HOLIDAYS MILK CHOCOLATE: A festive milk chocolate bar with a seasonal greeting right on the package! Made in Quebec. 
CASTELLO BRIE: Smooth and creamy brie cheese. Try paired with crackers or warm baked bread. 
THE FINE CHEESE CO. TOAST FOR CHEESE: These English crackers are expertly made to perfectly pair with brie and other cheeses. Made with dates, hazelnuts and pumpkin seeds. 
MA'S KITCHEN HANDMADE CHOCOLATE: You've  never had chocolate like this before. Locally made. 
PURETEA LOOSE LEAF TEA: Loose leaf tea for the tea-lover in your life. Made by Puretea. 
CHEDDAR CHEESE BISCUITS: Mini shortbread biscuits that are made with real Canadian cheddar for a great tea accompaniment. Try warmed for even better taste. 
MASTERPIECE GODIVA TRUFFLES: Little squares of heaven. Milk chocolate with creamy, sweet filling. 
MAPLE SMOKED SALMON: Wild Canadian salmon that is smoked and seasoned lightly with maple for a sweet note. 
VERDUIJN'S DUTCH WAFERS: Aged Gouda cheese wafers infused with honey and mustard. 
SPANISH OLIVES: Cocktail olives from Andalusia, Spain. 
COOKIE IT UP GOURMET COOKIES: These locally made cookies are the closest thing to homemade tasting cookies you'll try! 
LINDOR ASSORTED TRUFFLE BOX: Famous Swiss chocolate truffles including milk, dark and white chocolate truffles. 
PREMIUM COFFEE BY VELVET SUNRISE (400g): A locally roasted coffee blend from Toronto with dedication to the perfect cup with every brew.
FEINY MIGNON BISCUITS: The perfect biscuit for coffee or espresso. Made with layers of crunchy wafer and hazelnut cream. 
GODIVA CHOCOLATE CASHEWS: Golden cashews embraced with famous Godiva milk chocolate. 
MAPLE SHORTBREAD COOKIES: Famously made by Sprucewood Handmade Cookie Co. 
FRENCH CHOCOLATE TRUFFLES: The traditional chocolate truffle, with a soft interior and outer cocoa powder coating. 
THE FINE CHEESE CO. WALNUT AND HONEY CRACKERS: Lightly sweetened and nutty crackers. Perfect for cheese. 
GOURMET POTATO CHIPS: Made by Hardbite in British Columbia. No preservatives, trans fat or GMOs. 
DARK CHOCOLATE ALMONDS: Crunchy almonds embraced by rich Godiva dark chocolate. 
GOURMET SHORTBREAD: A holiday classic - the shortbread cookie!
TWISTED PRETZELS: Mini twisted pretzels lightly seasoned are great for sharing with groups! 
ARTISAN CRACKERS: Lightly seasoned crackers made with sea salt and olive oil.
SPUDNIKS CARAMEL POPCORN: You won't be trimming the tree with this popcorn - you'll be too busy eating it! 
SPRUCEWOOD SHORTBREAD WITH MAPLE: A Canadian spin on a classic cookie. 

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