Luxury Christmas Gifts

$325.00 CAD

This Luxury Christmas Gift basket includes: 

LINDOR ASSORTED TRUFFLE BOX: The holidays aren't complete without a traditional creamy Lindor chocolate truffle. Whether you prefer milk, dark or white chocolate, this assorted box has a taste for everyone! Use as an accent for your table settings at your next holiday party! 

CASTELLO BRIE: Creamy brie cheese with a mild aroma. A true customer top choice, this brie will be the talk of the party! 

TOAST FOR CHEESE CRACKERS: Crispy English style crackers infused with dates and hazelnuts for a sophisticated accompaniment to creamy brie or any selection of hard cheeses. 

MA'S KITCHEN CHOCOLATE: The best homemade tasting chocolate bar you will ever taste. Locally made with simple ingredients for out-of-this-world taste.

SMOKED SALMON: Wild smoked Canadian salmon, enriched with genuine honey taste. Try serving atop fresh baked bread and a smear of cream cheese for a starter that will make you the host of the season!

THE FINE CHEESE CO. CRACKERS: With ingredients including walnut, honey and extra virgin olive oil, these gourmet crackers are made specifically to be enjoyed with your top selection of cheeses. 

GODIVA CHOCOLATE TRUFFLES: Delectable chocolate masterpieces, made with famous Godiva Belgian chocolate and filled with rich creamy filling for a taste made to be enjoyed.

SPUDNIKS CARAMEL CORN: You won't be using this popcorn to trim the tree, because you'll be too busy eating it! Famous Spudniks caramel popcorn is the perfect blend of sweet and salty!

TEA: Puretea loose leaf tea is made with all natural ingredients. The perfect tea to start your morning off fresh and right!

CHEDDAR BISCUITS: The perfect accompaniment to a morning cup of tea, these traditional shortbread cookies have a hint of sharp Canadian cheddar for a modern twist on a traditional classic. Try warmed for an even better taste! 

COOKIE IT UP COOKIES: Locally made by Cookie it Up in Aurora, Ontario, these fine and crisp homemade style cookies will be your new top choice brand! 

GODIVA CHOCOLATE ALMONDS: What's better than chocolate almonds? Godiva chocolate covered almonds! These tasty treats are coated in Godiva dark chocolate for a luxurious upgrade to the classic chocolate almond. 

VERDUIJN'S BISCUITS: Sophisticated wafer biscuits made with aged Gouda cheese and honey and mustard to taste. Delicate sensory combinations for a truly unique eating experience when paired with hard or creamy cheeses.

VELVET SUNRISE COFFEE (400g): Premium quality coffee beans locally roasted in Toronto, Ontario. Used only by the best coffee shops in the city, you'll be forgetting the drive-through coffee in place of this premium quality coffee. 

FEINY WAFER BISCUITS: Chocolate hazelnut wafers made to be enjoyed with a cup of coffee or espresso. A product of Italy.

ARTISAN CRACKERS: Sea salt and olive oil infused baguette crackers make for a light and delicious bread snack that can be paired with other foods like cheese or dip, or enjoyed on their own. 

OLIVES: Authentic quality Spanish olives from Andalusia, Spain. The taste of these olives will transport you to the other side of the world! Add these olives to your appetizer spread for an added level of texture. 

DARK CHOCOLATE BAR: Made in Quebec, this 70% dark chocolate bar is rich and luxurious, and perfect to enjoy with a glass of wine. 

CHOCOLATE COVERED CASHEWS: If you've never tried chocolate covered cashews before, these will be your new go-to sweet and salty snack. A modern twist on the traditional chocolate covered nut, made by Godiva. 

GOURMET POTATO CHIPS: Handmade potato chips made in British Columbia. Baked to perfection in small batches for genuine infused taste from all-natural ingredients and no preservatives. 

MAPLE SHORTBREAD COOKIES: Traditional shortbread cookies with a delicious, Canadian spin - maple! Buttery and soft with a hint of sweet maple for an added taste!

COCOA TRUFFLES: Mouthwatering chocolate truffles with a luscious, lasting impression. Dusted in fine cocoa powder for true French-inspired truffles.

MILK CHOCOLATE BAR: This Canadian-made milk chocolate is sure to top your list of best chocolates bars! Each square is creamy and sweet, which is great for sharing or saving as your own guilty pleasure.

TRADITIONAL SHORTBREAD: Traditional bite-sized shortbread cookies. The dainty size of these cookies makes a great addition to a dessert plate or dessert spread at any holiday or family gathering. Children and adults alike will enjoy these holiday classics.

HAND WOVEN RATTAN BASKET: A versatile and hand-woven rattan basket. Making a great eye-piece for this overflowing assortment of goodies, the two-toned hamper is great for household use or as an accent piece in any room. Keep it in a bedroom for holding clean clothes or linens, or in a guest room to keep household items. It's a delightful and roomy basket and is sure to impress your recipient, especially with the significant versatility it offers. 

The luxury Christmas gift is always a hard one to pin down, especially for the right person. With this Luxury Christmas gift basket, your choice is easy. With an assortment of delectable holiday sweets and top-quality gourmet food items, this basket screams luxury. Topped with a festive and MyBaskets famous handmade bow, your recipient will be over the moon with receiving this gift basket. 

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