A Taste of Elegance

$125.00 CAD

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The Taste of Elegance Gift Basket Includes:

BELGIAN TRUFFLES: From Godiva, traditional Belgian truffles made with a round milk chocolate shell and creamy chocolate ganache centre.

GODIVA CHOCOLATE BAR (TWO): Two Belgian milk chocolate bars from Godiva, made using the finest ingredients in the company’s storied tradition.

SORINI ITALIAN STYLE TRUFFLES: Chocolate truffles made Italian-style, with a milk chocolate shell and creamy cappuccino-flavoured filling.

COCOA TRUFFLES: French-style truffles with an intense chocolate flavour, made with a silky smooth texture and dusting of cocoa on the outside.

CAFFE LATTE ALMONDS: Whole crunchy almonds first smothered in a creamy chocolate layer, then coated in coffee-flavoured candy by Lamontagne, an award-winning chocolatier.

CHOCOLATE ENROBED PISTACHIOS: A uniquely luxurious and decadent treat from Lamontagne, made with crunchy pistachio nuts and a coating of rich, flavourful chocolate.

BITE-SIZED OATMEAL COOKIES: Delicious and wholesome oatmeal cookies in bite-sized form, with a luscious under layer of milk chocolate to add to their decadent appeal.

GOURMET PRETZELS: A classic snack made with gourmet ingredients, salted, twisted, and baked to the perfect crunch.

GOURMET COOKIE: Soft, chewy cookies made artisan-style from the finest ingredients, including real chocolate chips in a bite-sized format.

Your gift basket will be delivered elegantly presented in glossy cellophane, with a hand-tied bow, and a customized greeting card.

The Taste of Elegance Gift Basket is carefully created to make an impression that is stylish and mouth watering all at the same time. A ribbed reusable metal gift container comes piled high with treats that are sure to please even the most demanding and discerning family members, friends, and corporate connections.

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