Kosher Delight Gift Basket

$69.00 CAD

Help make any celebrations special for family, friends, colleagues, and contractors with this attractive Kosher gift basket. The basket is brimming with gourmet chocolates, sweet and savoury treats sure to please your chosen recipient.

ARTISAN CHIPS – Gourmet potato chips made from the finest ingredients. Brought to you by Neal Brothers, a Canadian company known for re-imagining classic treats for healthy, modern diets. Crafted with natural ingredients for a better way to snack.

TRUFFLES – Delicious chocolate truffles made the classic way and dusted with cocoa. An ultra chocolatey treat with a luscious ganache filling. Take a delectable escape from the ordinary.

SHORTBREAD COOKIES - Irresistible cookies that are delicious in flavour. 

CHOCOLATE ALMONDS - Caffe latte flavoured chocolate almonds,

CRACKERS – Made with olive oil and sea salt, these are crispy and artisan crackers.

CARAMEL POPCORN -  A Kosher caramel popcorn for the perfect sweet and salty treat.

MILK CHOCOLATE BAR – An ultra smooth milk chocolate bar by Schneider’s. Made in Paris to the highest standards of French chocolate making – and Kosher too. A premium chocolate bar fit for the finest occasions.

POTATO CHIPS- With more natural ingredients, these chips are crispy and full of flavor. Made by Hardbite in British Columbia.

BASKET – Your gift set will come in a classic rectangular basket decorated with an elegant pattern. The basket is reusable and can be used to store small household items.

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