Sympathy Food Gift Basket

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Please be aware, for the safety of our customers and the delivery drivers, they’ll be releasing packages without a signature to mitigate the risk of any person to person contact.
We will do delivery on 10th,11th April Toronto GTA Only

    • The Sympathy Food Gift Basket includes:

    • CHOCOLATE ALMONDS - A great sympathy gift to give to those who are in need of comfort. These almonds are coated with coffee and these are a delight to have. 

      SAVOURY SHORTBREAD COOKIES – This funeral gift is a crowd pleaser. It is made with the finest ingredients and its flavors will blow you away.

      GOURMET POTATO CHIPS – Fresh potato chips made with the finest ingredients. These chips don't contain GMO, trans fats or cholesterol. A healthier option for those who still want to gorge in chips. 

      BRIE CHEESE – This creamy and soft cheese will taste great when paired with some crackers. 

      PRETZELS - A classic salty snack that can't really go wrong. Its crunchy texture will leave your mouth wanting more. 

      CRACKERS - The combination of sea salt and olive oil will taste exquisite when paired with cheese and other dips.

      COMPOTE - Freshly chopped fruits drowned in sugar syrup. Eat this with some crackers and taste the smooth and sweetness in your mouth.   

      COOKIES Oatmeal cookies covered in chocolate. Another great combination to sooth an aching heart. 

      TRUFFLES - Elegant French truffles covered in a layer of cocoa powder. A delicious treat filled with creamy sweetness. 

      CHEESE BISCUITS - Delicious cheesy biscuits, perfect for snacking. Its light and crispy texture will taste amazing when dipped in cheese.


    • The look is classic and elegant in understated earth tones and the message is clear: an offering of comfort and good will during difficult times. The offers a selection of gourmet treats to friends or family members in times of need. It is also sure to be a welcome token of respect and appreciation when it comes to business associates, partners or colleagues. With its combination of both savoury and sweet items, including everything from chocolate to artichoke hearts, it will provide a much needed respite from the cares and troubles of the day to whoever you chose to send it to. The collection of goodies comes in an stylish woven basket that can be reused.

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